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As a Child

Miraculous Power

Facing Death

Covid-19 (2)

Shelter In

2019 Has Gone

Must Have Been God

End of 2018

God The Healer

Spring Ahead

2017 Highlights


2016 Is Passed

Soon Returning



Reason For Healing

Miracles Happening


Former Churches

Exciting Year

Time Is Short

Snow Day

More Churches

Big Time God

Healings at New Freedom

Full Gospel Christian Center

Ministry at Senior Service

Ministry at Reed Temple

Ministry in Mackinaw City

Ministry in Michigan City

Shopping Led to Ministry













Led By The Spirit

God Steps In

Are You Ready

First Year Fulltime Ministry

Walking Leads to Healing

Spring Cleaning & The Frog

Misdiagnosis or Miracles

Woman Healed of HIV

Increasing Your Measure

Hearing God's Voice

Couple Healed of HIV

God's Secret Weapon

Stroke Victim

God Showes Up

Believe And Be Healed

Be Prepared

Emergency Room Encounter

God Is Pouring His Spirit

Take Jesus Along With You























Jesus Shows Up At  K.F.C.

The Cancer Cure

Devine Appointments

Right Place Right Time

Hospital Miracles

Casting Out Devils