"Former Churches"

Dear Friends and Family,

Have you ever wondered, what happened to the old church building after the new church was built?

Lena started wondering what happened to the old church that she and her family were members of when they first came to the U.S. from Germany. So one day we went looking for the church. When we found it, it appeared to look the same as it did when she had attended it. She told me she would like to visit that church some day for old memory sake.

A couple of months went by and we felt led to visit her old church. The church now had a different church name on the sign in front of it, but other than that it looked about the same. As we pulled up to the church Lena started getting excited, she was going to see her old church. I remember looking at the stained glass windows and how beautiful they were. Not too many churches have stained glass windows anymore.

When we opened the door and went in, Lena said it was like she remembered it, with steps on each side going down to the basement where the fellowship hall and Sunday school class rooms were, and another set of steps going up to a coat room on each side, and steps in front the doors to the sanctuary.

The pastor’s wife greeted us as we came in. We introduced ourselves and Lena told her this was her old church that she attended as a child along with her family, and that we were excited about being there. The pastor’s wife then introduced us to the pastor. The pastor had me set on the platform with him and Lena sat with the church Mothers.

I told the pastor that we were evangelists with Healing Hands Ministry, and that we have ministered in several churches in the area, and that it didn’t matter which church we were from because we are all part of one body in Christ. He then turned to me and said that was conformation to him, because that was the topic the Lord gave him to preach on. He said it was meant for us to be there, and that he felt that we should minister today.

The pastor then told the congregation that he was going to be brief, and give us time to minister. He gave a message on how the body was one, but had many different members. He then said that the Lord had placed gifts within the church and that He had sent Lena and I to his church with the gift of healing. He then turned the service over to us.

The Holy Spirit began giving me words to say about how the Lord wanted to see His people healed and delivered from all kinds of afflictions. I told them of a few healing testimonies to build up their faith. As we started praying for people, God began touching and healing all those who needed healing. The one healing that stands out the most for me was the pastor’s mother who couldn’t lift her arm past her shoulders. God touched her shoulder and she shot her arm straight up into the air.

After the service the pastor wanted us to come back again, so that they could invite people from other churches.

Recently on our way to have our car serviced, we went by the church that Lena and I were married in. Lena looked at me again and said, we need to go and visit that church some day.

The next time we took our car in for service we stopped by the church and wrote down the time their Sunday morning service started. The Lord impressed on me that we should go to that church the following Sunday.

The church was like we remembered it. The layout of the church was the same as the one that was built before this one, (the one Lena and her family first attended.) It was the same church, just a different building. The church brought back memories to Lena, but it also brought back memories to me. This was the church in which I gave my heart to the Lord, was water baptized, and was married in.

When we arrived, their Sunday school was just letting out. We introduced ourselves to the pastor. He then had us join him on the platform. I shared with him about our ministry and how the Holy Spirit has been leading us to various churches in the area. He told me that they were having a guest minister today. At that point I remember asking God, how were we going to minister when they already had a special speaker. I no more thought that and the pastor turned to me and said, as soon as the minister is finished, he wanted us to minister. I should have known better, when God sends us somewhere, He will always make a way.

Just after the worship service, the pastor had everyone greet the people around them. Lena went over to the organist, and as she did, he looked at her and said, McNees? He said that he was at K.F.C. when we were praying for people there, and his wife’s back was healed, and his two boys that couldn’t speak were also healed. Lena then mentioned it to me. I then told the pastor that his organist’s two boys got healed of their speech impediments at K.F.C. about ten years ago. The pastor then told the congregation about the organist’s two boys being healed of their speech impediments. Then the organist corrected the pastor and said, they didn’t have a speech impediment, they couldn’t talk at all. The congregation got real excited after hearing that testimony.

The pastor then introduced the guest speaker. As the minister was preaching, the pastor apologized to me and said that he forgot that they were having communion after the minister was finished. He asked if we could come back another time to minister. I told him that was ok and we would be happy to come back at another time. He then mentioned to the congregation that we would be coming back at another time because of having communion.

After communion was finished, the pastor dismissed everyone. As Lena and I were leaving the platform the congregation didn’t leave, but instead they starting coming to the front of the church. They weren’t going to wait for us to come back at another time. They wanted to be prayed for today. They could feel the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

A lady that walked with a cane because the padding in her knees were gone, and the knees were rubbing bone on bone, causing great pain. After Lena and I layed hands on her knees, I told her to stand up and walk. As she did all her pain went away and she began jumping, shouting, and dancing around. God touched and healed many more that had come to be healed.

After almost everyone had left the church and the doors were locked, two ladies were standing outside and pounding on the glass entrance doors for someone to let them in. One lady told her friend about all the healings that took place at the church, and her friend asked her to take her to the church so that she could be prayed for. How often do you find people beating down the church doors to get in?

They needed Jesus to heal their bodies. Many are in need of inner healing that only comes by accepting Jesus as their Savior. Jesus wants to Heal, and Save all that will accept Him into their hearts.



Dick and Lena McNees