" Devine Appointments "

Dear Friends and Family,

Lena and I are finding out more and more these days that God wants to reveal Himself, and touch His people outside the four walls of the church. To do this He uses people just like your selves that are willing to step out and reach out to others that are in need. You don’t have to be blind, to not see when someone is in need. All you have to do is to look around you and be sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and you will start seeing things in a different way than before.

We live in such a busy world and many times we have trouble seeing beyond our own needs for one reason or another. But God would have us look to the needs of others. He wants us to have the same type of heart that He has. A heart filled with love and compassion for one another. So many times we find ourselves telling God, “not right now, I’ll do it later”, but latter never comes. Then when we do remember the things that the Holy Spirit prompted us with, we find out that the opportunity has slipped away.

Many times Lena and I have gone somewhere thinking we were going there for a particular reason and when we arrive we find out that God had another reason for us being there.

Do you believe that God so loves and cares for his children that He will set up Devine appointments so that their need will be meant? Well the following will show you how God does just that.

The other day we received a phone call. The person calling said that her father was just taken to the hospital by ambulance and wanted use to go and pray from him. When we got to the hospital we meant them in E.R. The doctor told us that his gallbladder was infected and would have to be removed and it would have to be done right away. He was taken to I.C.U. to be prepped for surgery.

While in the I.C.U. waiting room a couple came in. Lena started a conversation with the woman and asked her if they had someone in I.C.U. The woman said that the man she was with was her son-in-law, and that his wife just had a baby. The reason they came to the I.C.U. waiting was to find a newspaper. (Or at least that was what they thought they went there for, or could it have been a for a Devine appointment?)

Now the strange thing about this was that the maternity room was on a different floor and in a different building of the hospital.

Lena introduced us and told them that we were evangelist and that God uses us in the gifts of healing. The woman then asked us to pray for her. She said that she had knee surgery and ever since then she had pain in her knee and had problems walking.

I prayed for her knee and when I had finished praying, I told her to stand up and walk. As she began walking the pain left her knee and she said she felt like she could run, so she started running around in the waiting room.
I told her that I was impressed that she had a problem with her foot and to sit down and I would pray for her foot. I prayed the God would heal her arch. When I was finished, she asked me how did I know that she was having problems with her arch because she had never meant me before and she hadn’t said anything to me about her arch.

Lena then asked her if she was having back problems. The woman said, “how did you know that I was something wrong with my back? You don’t know me and I didn’t tell you”. Lena said that she felt impressed that there was something wrong with her back. I then stood behind the woman and placed my hand on her back and prayed that the disks and vertebras would align and all the pain to leave. When I was finishes praying I told her to bend over and when as she did, she was able to touch her toes. Then she said again, you don’t know me and I didn’t tell you, but you placed your hand right on the very spot that my back was hurting.

So as you can see, it wasn’t the she wasn’t on the wrong floor, or in the wrong building after all. God had just set up another Devine Appointment.

                                         Another Devine Appointment

We had a garage sale and among the article we had for sale was a walker that had belonged to Lena’s father.

A couple stopped by and was looking at the walker. The woman said that she had hip surgery and was looking for a walker because her hip bothered her when she walked any distance. She went on to say that she had back surgery and had to have a steal pin put in her back to hold the disks and vertebras in place.

Lena looked at me and said we’re going to have to pray for her.  We asked her if we could pray for her and she said she would to have us pray for her. I had her sit in a chair and I held her legs out straight and noticed one leg appeared to be longer than the other leg. I told her that the reason one leg was shorter than the other one because her hip was out of alignment. I told her that as we prayed for her hip to go back into place she would see her legs become the same length. That is exactly what happened, and when I was finished praying I told her to start walking. As she did the pain went away and she was able to walk better.

We then prayed for her back. I prayed than the steel pin would become flexible and the disk and vertebra would align up and all pain would go away. When I was finished I told her to bend over and touch her toes and she did just that, steel pin and all.

Needless to say, we lost a sale. She didn’t have a need anymore for buying the walker.
I felt impressed that her husband was having a heart problem. I asked it I could pray for him. He told me that he was having problems and wanted to pray for him. After I was finished praying. I told him to take a deep breath, and after he did, he said he was able to breath better.

Well you guessed it. God had just setup another Devine appointment.
God is setting up Devine appointments all the time, but to many times we don’t recognize it and miss our appointment.

We encourage you the next time the Holy Spirit prompts you. Step out and take a chance. You have nothing to loose. The next appointment may be life changing for you.