"Jesus Shows Up At Kentucky Fried Chicken"

Dear Friends and Family,

We have something very exciting to share with you! God is not limited to churches or religious meetings and gatherings to pour out His miraculous power and heal all that are present that ask to be healed. We have seen God heal several people at one time in hospital waiting areas, and heal individuals in I.C.U., surgical preparation rooms, and in patient rooms. It seems like many times we still limit God by our preconceived ideas of where He will pour out His power. Sometimes He may just surprise you.

The excitement started Saturday morning at corporate prayer. The Lord impressed on me that Sunday He was going to move in healings and miracles. I shared the word with the group. I thought it was going to happen in Sunday’s service, but it didn’t. I then thought maybe the word was for another Sunday service. Lena and I were both somewhat disappointed because we were expecting God to move with miracles and healings in that service. Instead of leaving church right away, we lingered around for about an hour. We were the last ones to leave. If we had rushed out of church as soon as Pastor finished his message, the following wouldn’t have happened.


                                           Wondering Where To Eat

After leaving church, I asked Lena where she would like to go to eat dinner. She said let’s go to K.F.C. While we were there a man and his wife came in and sat at the table across the isle from us. We heard the lady telling her husband that her shoulders were hurting her so bad that she couldn’t even lift her arms above her shoulders and she was going to be directing the church choir that afternoon.

Lena looked at me and I looked at her. We knew what the other was thinking. We knew we would have to pray for her. I told Lena we would have to wait for just the right moment.

Meanwhile another couple with three small children came in and sat at the table in front of us. Lena started talking to the kids and asking them how they were doing and telling them how cute they were. At first they just looked at her, but then they started smiling and talking to Lena. We introduced ourselves to their parents and started talking to them. The man told us that he played the organ at their church.

When Lena and I were finished eating, we just sat at our table for a while, waiting for just the right moment to approach the lady with the shoulder problem.

We have found that it is very important not to get ahead of God. You have to take your time and let the Holy Spirit lead and direct you.

After waiting awhile I felt the time was right. We got up out of our seats and walked over to the table across the isle and asked the lady if she said her shoulders were hurting her. She replied, yes they do. I asked her if we could pray for her. She said yes. I laid my hands on her shoulders and prayed in Jesus name that her shoulders would be healed, and immediately the pain in her shoulders went away and she was able to lift her arms above her shoulders and thanked Jesus for her healing.

Her husband who was setting across the table from her noticed that Jesus had just healed his wife, and he asked if we would pray for his legs because they were swollen and he wasn’t able to bend his knees very well. I laid my hands on his legs and prayed in the name of Jesus that the swelling would go down and the excess water would dissipate. I placed my hand over his heart and commanded the heart to start functioning properly and be healed. I then told him to stand up and start walking, and he would find that his legs and knees were healed. He did just that. After he sat back down he began bending his knees and lifting his legs up and down. He said he wasn’t able to do that before we prayed for him.

Another man who was setting two tables down from us noticed that people were getting healed and asked if he could be prayed for too. He said he had injured his knee and walked with a limp because of the pain. I laid my hands on his knee and prayed in the name of Jesus that it would be healed. Than I told him to get up and walk! As he stood and began walking, the pain left his knee and his limp was gone. Jesus healed him the moment he took his first step. The man’s wife was setting at the table just across from him with their older son. She asked Lena if she would pray for her son. He was having problems with migraine headaches and had one at the time. Lena laid her hands on the boy’s head and he was freed of the migraine.

When Lena finish praying for the boy with the migraine she noticed a lady sitting at a table across the room in the far corner from us that was watching what all was happening and she was smiling. Lena was prompted to go over and talk to her. The lady told Lena it was wonderful what we were doing. Lena asked if she knew the people that we were praying for, she said that she didn’t. Lena then asked her if she needed healing for anything. She said her hip was hurting her. Lena laid her hand on the lady’s hip and prayed that her hip would be healed. Afterwards she said thank you for your prayer. Lena told her to get up and move around and as she did, all the pain in her hip left her. She told Lena that her hip hurt so bad that she could hardly get out of the car. She said, at first her husband and her weren’t going to stay and eat because of the pain she was in, but she decided as long as they were already there, they might as well stay.

The man that was sitting in front of us asked if I would pray for his new Bus Transportation business. So I did. The Lord then prompted me to pray for his hands. I prayed that Jesus would allow his fingers to stretch apart and his stiff fingers would loosen up. When I was finished praying, he said that I was right on. That he had been having problems with his fingers being stiff. I then prayed that as he thought of a song in his head, his fingers would automatically play the notes. The couple went on to say that their two boys had speech impediments and they weren’t sure what they were going to have to do about it. They also had a little girl that was just starting to say words. I prayed for each of the boys that in the name of Jesus their brain would work properly and would be able to speak normally. Lena asked the boys to say, thank you Jesus, and they said it clearly. Lena then asked the little girl to say, I love you Jesus. The girl said it clearly. The parents said this was the first time she had put a whole sentence together.

Just before going back to our table, Lena reached across their table and gave the kids a hi-five by hitting her hand with theirs.

As we were putting on our coats and getting ready to leave, Lena notice the lady at the table in front of us was crying. Lena asked her what was wrong. She could hardly talk. She said that when Lena reached over and gave her kids the hi-five, Lena had touched her and instantly her back was healed. Her husband went on to tell us that thirteen years ago she was in an accident and from that point till now she couldn’t move her back without pain. He said he was always rubbing her back to help ease her pain.

As we were leaving K.F.C., the man who was setting across from us invited us to come to their church. They were having several groups come to sing. We told him we would come.

We arrived at the church about five minutes late, so we sat in the second row from the back, at the end of the pew. When the choir director had notice us, she introduced us to the congregation and gave her testimony of how Jesus healed her shoulders at K.F.C. and that she wasn’t the only one that God had healed.

A lady sitting in the back of us tapped us on the shoulder. She asked if we would pray for her because she had to leave early and wasn’t able to stay for the entire service. We went with her to the coatroom and prayed for her. She brought her daughter with her who was suffering from migraine headaches. We prayed for the lady’s knee and the pain left her. We prayed for her daughter’s migraine and it left her. We then went back to our seats.

When the program was over several people stopped and wanted us to pray for them. The Lord healed everyone who asked for prayer. Just like He did at K.F.C. earlier that day.

Another lady asked if we would pray for her because she was having chest pains. I laid my hand on her and prayed in the name of Jesus that her heart would be healed and the pain would leave. I then told her to take a deep breath. As she did her chest pains went away.

Another lady was having difficulties breathing. She told us she was going to have an operation on her throat and sinuses. After we prayed for her, I told her to take a deep breath. She then took a deep breath and said she could breathe normally again.

We noticed another lady using a cane walking out of the sanctuary. Lena stopped her and asked if we could pray for her. She told us that she had pain in both her knees and that there wasn’t any padding left, that the bones in her knees were rubbing against each other. She also had arthritis in both knees. We told her to sit down on a bench. Lena laid her hands on one knee and I laid mine on her other knee. We both began to pray in the name of Jesus that the arthritis would leave, the padding would be restored, her kneecaps would get lubricated, and all her pain would leave. When we were finished praying, she just sat there, she wasn’t able to move because the power of God was all over her. She said there was a heat going all around and through both her knees and she could feel a tingling sensation in them. After a short while, I told her to stand up and walk. She stood up and began walking. God touched her in a mighty way. She said the pain in her knees had gone.

You know we can’t help but think. What would have happened if Lena and I wouldn’t have stopped and prayed for the lady at K.F.C. with the shoulder pain. We would have just sat down, ate dinner and left. And all those people who received their miracle would have gone home in the same condition they came with. None of the miraculous healings would have taken place.

God is true to His Word. When He says He is going to move in healings and miracles on Sunday, He is going to do just that.