"Mighty Move"

Dear Friends and Family,

I thank the Lord that one more winter is over and we made it through. Most winter months seem to be depressing, but not this winter. God has been moving stronger and at a faster pace than ever before in our ministry.
In this letter I would like to share some of the amazing testimonies of the awesome power of God.

When we were at ‘Lily of the Valley’ God’s presence was so strong that pastor had to change the order of the service. He said God told him that there was going to be healings and miracles. And as the pastor yielded to the Holy Spirit, the glory of God entered the room as the Holy Spirit took over the service with healings and miracles. Several people received their healing. At the end of the service Holy Communion was served. What an awesome move of God!

This had to of been a first century church experience. I truly believe that if we as a church would put aside our agendas and give more room to the Holy Spirit, we would see a mighty move of God in our churches today. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and won’t go somewhere He’s not invited.

God has been directing us to some of the Spanish churches. When we arrived at ‘Hope Ministries’, the pastor’s wife greeted us at the door to the sanctuary. She said we will have to pray for her because she had severe pain in her shoulder and couldn’t raise her arm past her shoulder. As we laid hands on her shoulder, and commanded the rotor cuff to be healed in Jesus name, all the pain left and God completely healed her shoulder. She then gave her testimony to the congregation on how she wasn’t able to move her arm and that God had just healed her shoulder.

When we ministered at the ‘Israelite Missionary Baptist Church’ God began moving in the miraculous. Many of the people received their healings, but there was one lady that had been crippled for six years. As we prayed for her, she began sobbing and praising God. She then threw her cane aside, lifted her arms up to heaven and began walking up one isle and down another at a very fast pace. As you can imagine the church got very excited. Another lady put her cane aside and began walking after God had healed her knee. Another lady brought her daughter that had sickle cell anemia. Her daughter said she was in continual pain all over her body. God touched her and instantly took away all her pain. Another lady had a large bulge on the side of her lower back. As I laid my hand on the bulge I could feel it sink in and all her pain left. What an awesome God!

God has been moving with healings and miracles outside the church as well. A friend of ours asked us if we could be at the hospital while she had knee replacement surgery. The lady that brought her to the hospital told us that she was also going to have to have a knee replacement within a year. After our friend went into surgery, Lena asked the lady that needed a knee replacement if we could pray for her. We went in the hallway where there was a bench to sit on. After praying for her, Lena told her to get up and walk and say thank you Jesus. As she did all the pain in he knee left and she was able to walk and bend her knee without any pain. After God had healed her, she kept saying “I have to tell someone, I have to tell someone”.  By telling others about what God has done for you, will give hope to others that they too can be healed. God is no respecter of persons, what He’s done for others He will do for you, if you will only believe in Him. After      our friend was released from the hospital, Lena and I took her to her home. We visited her several times at her home. One of the times she had a friend visiting her. Her friend told us that she had been seeing a doctor due to a rotor cuff problem. She said that the doctor had already given her three cortisone shots and wasn’t able to give her any more. She said she was in pain whenever she tried to lift her arm. She agreed to let us pray for her.  After prayer she stretched her arm straight up into the air without any pain. She kept stretching it and saying there isn’t any pain, there isn’t any pain. She was so amazed at what God just did for her. We do serve an amazing God.

Three weeks ago we received a phone call from a friend of ours. She said that a couple of her relatives from Wisconsin were coming and going to make dinner for her and she wanted to invite us. During dinner we were sharing with them of all the healings and miracles that God had been doing. After dinner the one relative told us of several things she was suffering with. She told us that she couldn’t pick anything up with her left hand without dropping it. After we prayed for her wrist, we told her to pick something up. She reached over and picked up a laptop computer with just using her left hand and was able to hold it without dropping it. She was quite excited. She them showed us a bulge on the side of her neck. As I laid my hand on the side of her neck and commanded the bulge to shrink and be gone. I could feel my hand sinking into the side of her neck as it went away. She felt the side of her neck and said; It’s gone. We prayed for the other relative that had back problems. After we had prayed for his back he said; looks like I won’t have to go to the chiropractor anymore. All that we could say was Thank You Jesus.

Several weeks ago a friend of ours called and asked if he could bring his sister over to our house and have us pray for her. After they arrived we asked her what she needed prayer for. She said that several months ago she had broken her arm between the elbow and shoulder. The doctor was giving her treatments to stimulate bone growth so that the bone would grow and reattach, but it was getting worse. Her arm hung to her side. It was very swollen and hurting. Her hand was always cold and she had no feeling in three fingers. She told us that she went to another doctor and he told her that she should have had surgery on her arm months ago. She told us she didn’t want to have surgery, but didn’t know what else to do. So she agreed to have us pray for her. As we began to pray, I placed my hands around her arm and could feel the swelling go down. As the swelling went down, I could feel a bone out of place. She said that her arm was feeling warm. As I continued praying, I felt the bone go back in place and it felt smooth. As she wiped away her tears, she said her hand was no longer cold and that she had feeling back in her fingers. Her arm was no longer tight to her side and she didn’t have pain in her arm anymore. I asked her if she would give us her address. She placed a piece of paper on the counter top and as she began to write, and without realizing it she lifted up her arm that had been broken and placed her hand on the paper to hold it down. God did a miracle right before our eyes. We all began thanking and praising God, along with tears of joy. I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I was that God allowed me to be able to feel with my hands the miracle taking place. God is just so amazing.

Four years ago while having my eyes examined the ophthalmologist told me that I had a cataract developing in my right eye, but it shouldn’t bother me for another five years or so. For the past few months now, my vision hasn’t been very clear. I decided to have my eyes checked to see if I needed stronger glasses and maybe it had something to do with the cataract. The ophthalmologist told me my eyes were in good health. He couldn’t see any glaucoma, cataracts, or eye disease. He did give me a new prescription for glasses though. As I left the office, it dawned on me, NO CATARACT, he said no cataracts. I too have received a miracle. Many times we receive prayer for something, but don’t realize until several years latter that we had already been healed.

I truly hope these testimonies have blessed you. They are intended to show you the Awesomeness of God and His Love that He has for His people and for you personally.

We serve a God that Loves and Cares for You. If you haven’t asked Jesus into your heart, I invite you to do so. It’s not about your past; it’s about your future. It’s as easy as saying this simple prayer, “Jesus forgive me of all my sins and I ask you to come into my heart”.


We Love All of You,


Dick and Lena McNees