" God Steps In "

Dear Friends and Family,

Vivian had gone through two back surgeries for triple herniated disks and bone fragments in her spine. She was left with permanent nerve damage, which caused her to be in constant pain. Vivian also wasn’t able to hold anything without dropping what she was holding. Later on, she developed five arthritic spurs in her back.

Vivian began praying that God would heal her. While in prayer she was impressed to go to Dick and Lena’s meeting. Lena was teaching that night on faith. It was a word given with simplicity and easy to receive. At the end of the meeting Dick asked if anyone was in need of prayer. Vivian answered she needed prayer. After telling Dick what all was wrong with her, Dick laid his hands on her and in the name Jesus, commanded her back to go into place, the nerves be healed, all the spurs to be gone, and all the pain to cease. 

When Dick was finished praying for her, he told her to check herself out by doing something she hadn’t been able to do. She hadn't been able to bend over and touched her hands to the floor. As she bent over instantly her back went into place, and all her pain left her body. She began holding things in her hands and didn't dropping them. 

Vivian got so excited, she started running around the room shouting and praising God for the miracles He did in her body. 

All the next week God continued to align her back. She said her back would snap and pop and she could feel things going into place. 

When Vivian went for her annual check up. The doctor took an ex-ray of her back, but thought something went wrong with the ex-ray. So he took a second ex-ray and much to his amazement it turned out the same as the first ex-ray, for indeed the five artistic spurs were gone. Praise the Lord. Jesus is still in the healing business today as He was 2000 years ago. God is no respecter of persons. Only have Faith in God. You see, what He did for Vivian, He will do for you.