" Senior Service Ministry "

Dear Friends and Family,

We would like to share with you some of the highlights of the healing and miracle service we held at First Assembly of God church, at their senior service.

It first started when we read about a concert pianist and a violinist that were going to be performing in the Senior Service at First Assembly of God. We had heard a CD of the pianist and his son.  We were excited that they were going to be there.

After the concert was over and almost everyone had left, we were told that Pastor Doug, who was in charge of the senior service, had a 70% blockage in his heart. He was scheduled to have angioplasty the following Thursday. We prayed for him, as others joined us, that God would heal his heart and remove the blockage. We commanded all the blockages in his arteries to be gone, in the name of Jesus. The stage was now set for God to do a miracle.

The next week, we received a phone call from Pastor Doug. He told us that he had an angiogram, and much to the doctor’s surprise, they found his arteries clear, the blockage was gone. God had answered our prayers. Then he asked if we would come and minister at one of the senior services. We told him we would be glad to minister. This was extra special to us because this was the church where we had attended when I accepted Jesus into my heart, and was also the church where Lena and I got married, when the church was in Benton Harbor.

We were well received by all the people. It was good to see many of them that were still attending there from when it was in the old church building in Benton Harbor. Lena and Pastor Doug grew up together as kids, at First Assembly. Another special person was there, Roscoe Long, who was my first Sunday school teacher. He was the one who had encouraged me to start teaching. Because of him, I was able to step out and teach, and now to minister to large groups of people. To you Roscoe, I say thank you.

God gave me a special message to minister on. It was about how God wants to use this generation to further the kingdom of God. When God says, this generation, He means this present generation, young and old alike. God doesn’t favor one over the other. As we mature in age, we have a greater responsibility to the younger generation. We need to becoming mentors, and share the wealth of wisdom and insight that God has given us over the years.

Lena shared on how she had grown up in this church, and her mother and father were known as grandma and grandpa Juengling to the members there. How her dad was always testifying to everyone of the saving grace of Jesus. How he was a major influence in our lives, and how he placed his hands on us, blessed us, and passed on his evangelistic anointing.

She shared the healing testimonies of how Jesus showed up at KFC, and all the miracles God preformed there. She recalled how happy her dad was when she told him of what God had done. He was so excited to see God using his daughter and son-in-law in ministry.

I shared several of the miracles God has done through our ministry, and when I was finished, we began praying for those who wanted prayer.

The following are just a few of the miracles that God did that night.

A lady asked Lena to pray for her hearing, she said her hearing was so bad that  she couldn’t hear the message. Lena laid her fingers on the ladies ears and commanded the ears to be open. All of a sudden the lady said, her ears popped and she could hear clearly.

We prayed for a man who had four herniated disc, and was in severe pain. After he received prayer, he was able to bend and twist his back . He said all the pain was gone.

We prayed for a lady that had pain in her wrist do to carpal tunnel. After prayer,  she could bend and twist her wrist without any pain.

We prayed for a man that was suffering from pain in his hip, leg, and lower back. He had problems walking and bending due to a misalignment of an artificial hip with his back.  After prayer, the hip moved into alignment with his back, muscles, and nerves. All the pain left him and he couldn’t tell that anything was ever wrong with him.

As we were leaving we noticed a man sitting in the foyer. We asked him what was wrong with him. He said that he had a stroke 19 years ago, and wasn’t able to move or bend his right arm, and his hand was clenched into a fist and he wasn’t able to open it. We prayed that God would heal his brain cells. I moved his arm and hand, and commanded the brain to remember the movement. He was now able to move his arm half way up, and his hand was able to open. He said that it felt so good to move his arm. His healing was just beginning. Many times your total healing comes over a period of time.

We hope that by hearing about these miracles you will gain the faith you need to receive your miracle. We believe that if you will ask Jesus to heal you, and by faith will start doing something you weren’t able to do before, you too can be healed.

Go ahead! Do it now! Ask Jesus to heal you. Now take that step of faith and receive your healing.

If our news letters have been an encouragement to you, write or email us and let us know. Or if you are in need of prayer, we would like to pray for you to receive your healing.