" Casting Out Devils "

Dear Friends and Family,

This letter will be somewhat different from the past letters we’ve shared with you. The things that can and some times do happened while laying hands on someone for prayer.

Healing goes much further than having a sick person recover from their sickness, or a lame person being able to walk again. Doing the works of Jesus goes quite a bit further.

All born again believers are called the do the works of Jesus. Jesus said that the works that He did, you would do also. Once the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will receive the power you need. But how can you do the works of Jesus if you are not taught and encouraged. It is like having a stick of dynamite (power) in your hand but you don’t know how to light it, and once you do light it, you don’t know what to do with it. You have to make yourselves available for every possible opportunity that is set before you to learn and be equipped, so you can know how and when to use that power.

I just can’t say enough about taking all the opportunities you can to learn and equip yourself for the work of the ministry of Jesus Christ. 

I’m so thankful to the Lord for all the teachers we’ve been privileged to sit under and all the classes we have taken in healing, deliverance, and the prophetic. Because of those classes, the Holy Spirit was able to bring back to our remembrance the things we needed to know and do.

We visited a couple friends of ours at their church. When we got there I mentioned to the Pastor that after his message if he would like us to pray for anyone who needed healing, we would be available to minister.

After the Pastor closed his message, he told the congregation that God had gifted us to pray for the sick and afflicted and many people are healed through our ministry, and if there was anyone in need of healing to come forward, and we would pray for them.

We prayed for a lady who said her heart was palpitating and may have to have surgery. We laid hands on her and asked God to heal her and commanded in the name of Jesus, that her heart would start beating normally. After we prayed, I asked her to take two deep breaths, she did and then she started weeping and praising God. She realized that God did something to her heart and that it was different now.

A gentleman said he had cancer in his upper arm and had the cancer out. He was unable to lift his arm and could barely move it. That night we seen him back in church and he told us that by that afternoon he was able to raise his arm above his head. Praise God!

Sometimes after you’ve been prayed for, you may not receive your healing right away. Your healing may come later as you exercise your faith and try doing the things you weren’t able to do before, just like this gentleman did. He asked us if we would pray for his wife because she was having considerable pain in her knees. After praying for her, she said that her knees felt much better.

A man brought us a woman’s hanky to be used as a prayer cloth, and wanted us to pray over it so he could take it to her, because she wasn’t able to come to church. He said she had cancer and her tongue was full of sores and was in constant pain. She also was sweating constantly. We anointed the prayer cloth with oil and prayed over it for the woman’s healing.

The following Sunday afternoon we received a cellular phone call form the same friends we had gone to church with just the week before. They were on their way back from dinner. They asked if they could stop by our house. They had a couple of friends with them and the one was in need of prayer. He said that the woman that was with them was the same woman he had brought the prayer cloth for just the Sunday before. We told him it would be ok to stop by.

They arrived at our house in about 30 minutes. After we were introduced, the woman told us that when she received the prayer cloth, she placed it on herself and her sweating quit. But her tongue still was sore and she could hardly talk. She said she was being treated for cancer and didn’t take her medicine that morning because she couldn’t function physically and she wouldn’t have been able to leave her house if she would have taken it. She told us that some of the disks in her back were damaged and she had back pain. She also had knee surgery and the surgeon had put a piece of metal in her knee, so she was unable to bend her knee and it also was giving her pain. She showed us her tongue. It had sores all over it. She said the medicines weren’t helping and the doctors couldn’t do anymore for her.

She told us she didn’t know why God was punishing her because she didn’t do anything wrong. She said when she was thirteen years old during the depression that her parents took the advice of their Priest and had her put in a state mental institution, because her parents weren’t able to provide the proper care and support for her. She remembers saying over and over again, “why are you putting me in here, there is nothing wrong with me”. She said she could remember being punished by putting her in a locked dark room with only a small amount of water and a few crumbs to eat for several days at a time. She called it the dungeon. A great amount of fear would come over her whenever she was placed in the dungeon. She remembers crying out “why am I in here I haven’t done anything wrong”.

Many times she felt like taking her own life, but there was something that would stop her. She was in torment and didn’t know how to stop the torment.

Even after she was married the torment continued. She said at one point she had a mental breakdown. She kept finding herself being put into the dungeon in her mind, with all the fears coming back to her, and being in continual physical pain. She was also afraid of small rooms and dark places because what had happened to her in her childhood.

After she told us all about herself, I found myself wondering just where to start praying. The first thing that came into my mind was proper alignment (physical and spiritual). We started by having her forgive anyone in her past that she was holding something against. Next I told her that God wasn’t punishing her, and God loved her very much, and He was going to heal her.

We had her sit in a chair and I asked her where she was having pain. She said she was having pain in her lower back where her disks were damaged. I told her I was going to check to see if her back was in alignment. The way I was going to do this was to hold her legs out straight and check to see if one appeared shorter then the other. Sure enough as I held her legs out, the left leg was about ¾ an inch shorter than the right leg. This meant that the back was being pulled to one side and causing one leg to appear shorter than the other. As I prayed and in the name of Jesus commanded the disk in her back to be healed and to go back into place, her left leg began moving out until it was even with the right leg. At that point I asked her what happened. She said she felt her leg moving out and that the pain left her.

Next I told her to bend the knee that had the metal plate in it. She could only bend it slightly and there was a lot of pain in it. I then put my hands around her knee and in the name of Jesus commander the knee to go back into place, to be lubricated, become flexible, and to be healed. I then had her stand and bend her knees and lift her legs, first the right and then the left. Each time she bent her knees she was able to lift her leg higher and higher until she was bending both her knees the same without any pain.

What happened next was totally unexpected.

When I placed my hand on her throat just below her chin and in the name of Jesus commanded the soreness in the tongue to come out. She answered my command by saying “NO I WONT”. At that point I realized that she wasn’t answering me, but it was a demon in her that was talking thru her. At the same time Lena realized the same thing and placed her hand on the woman’s stomach and started agreeing with me as I addressed the demon himself and commanded him in the name of Jesus to come out of her. The demon replied, “I’M NOT GOING TO, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME”. At that point the demon started strongly resisting me by having her try to pull my hand away from her. I commanded the demon to come out again and it said, “I’M GOING TO KILL HER! I’M GOING TO KILL HER!” I then told the demon that he wasn’t going to kill her but was going to come out of her. I said to the demon, “you only have to the count of ten to come out of her and then I began counting. When I got to the number THREE the demon said, “I CAN’T BREATH”. I kept on counting. The demon said again, “I CAN’T BREATH”. When I reached the count of ten, the demon had come out of her and she became totally relaxed and her body almost went limp. She couldn’t remember anything that had just happened. She said she felt so light, and different, it was hard for her to explain how good she felt.

I had her ask Jesus to forgive her of all her sins and to come into her heart. Then I asked the Holy Spirit to fill the open spot that the demon had occupied.

I began praying over her and asked the Lord to show her the dungeon, as I prayed, I seen a dungeon door being knocked down and light filling the room. As I prayed she said she could see a very bright light fill the room, and it wasn’t dark anymore.

I then had her hold out her hands and I held her wrist and prayed the Holy Spirit would enter her veins and drive out all the cancer and any impurities in her body.

Jesus healed her body and delivered her from years of being tormented by a demon. Praise the almighty God for His goodness and mercy to us.