" Misdiagnoses or Miracles "

Dear Frinds and Family,

We are indeed living in a time of miracles. Doctors are wondering and saying to themselves “I’ve called in all the specialists and we all agreed. I can’t believe what we are seeing. Could we all have made a misdiagnoses, or could it be ????? (I wonder)?”

As I look back on our ministry, I recall several times when the doctors were left wondering. I would like to share just a few of these times with you in this news letter. But first of all and most of all I want to give God all the glory, honor and praise, because through His magnificent mercy and love He has touched and healed many people through us and others. We are so grateful that He has allowed us to be a part in His miraculous work.

The first thing that comes to my mind is when I was in my twenties, I was experiencing stomach pains. I had an upper GI taken. I can still almost taste the bad chalky fluid they had me drink. The x-rays showed I had an ulcer. About six years later I had another upper GI performed. The doctor told me the x-rays showed no ulcer, and that there wasn’t any sign that I had ever had an ulcer. He said that when an ulcer heals, it leaves scar tissue on the stomach lining, but there wasn’t any scar tissue. Now I’ll let you decide. Misdiagnoses or was it a miracle? I’ll give you a hint. The first x-rays showed an ulcer.

Another time in my life I was suffering server back pain. I had an x-ray performed on my back. When the x-ray report came back it showed that I had a bone separation in my back and it was pinching the nerves. I was told that I had two options, I could have an operation to fuse the bones together, but there was only a 50% chance of success, or I could be put in a back brace. I chose the back brace. I wore the back brace for several years.

I only remember one good thing about my back problem, and that was when I went for my induction physical into the army. I took my x-ray report from the hospital along with me. One of the medical team that was giving the induction physicals noticed that I was limping, so they sent me to have an x-ray taken of my back. After the x-rays were read, I didn’t have to finish the rest of the induction physical. I was later sent a notice that I wasn’t eligible for the armed forces.

Charles and Frances Hunter came to the church that I was attending and prayed for my back, but I still had pain. They came to another church and I went and had them pray for my back, but I still had pain. They came yet to another church and I went and had them pray for my back again, but this time all the pain went away.
Several years went by and I began having back pain again, so I had more x-rays taken. This time when the x-rays came back they didn’t show any bone separation in my back. Misdiagnoses or was it a miracle?  Now remember the hospital x-rays showed a bone separation and the x-ray at the induction center showed a bone separation. Now you be the judge.

Another time in my life I remember going down the stairs and missing the first step. I fell head first with my arm straight out in front of me. I landed on my head, and there was a great pain in my arm. Lena first prayed over my arm and then she took me to the hospital. There was a bone specialist that just happened to be at the hospital at the time I got there. When the x-rays came back they showed I had broken my arm at the elbow. One of the bones at the elbow looks as if there is a golf tee on top of it. It looked like I had broken the golf tee part of the bone off. The specialist wanted another x-ray taken in seven days, because if the bone wasn’t healing right it could be reset without having to re-brake the bone. When I was shown the x-ray, I couldn’t see where the tee of the bone had been broken off. Misdiagnoses or was it a miracle?  Hint 1. First x-ray showed the tee part of the bone was broken off. Hint 2. Bones don’t heal completely in seven days or less. 
Those are some of the things that happened to me. Now I would like to share about some other people.

1.  We prayed for a lady that had x-rays showing five spinal spurs. After we had prayed for her back, she went to the doctor and had another set of x-rays taken. After the doctor read the x-ray report, he told her that he would have to have the x-rays taken over. When the second set of x-rays came back, they didn’t show any spinal spurs.  Misdiagnoses or was it a miracle?

2.  A person who worked for me asked me to go to the hospital with him and pray for his mother who was going to have artificial veins put into her leg. When the surgeons started the operation, they noticed that there wasn’t anything wrong with her veins. Misdiagnoses or was it a miracle?

3.  The mother of a friend of ours was told by her doctor that she had a failing heart and her heart had some blockages. They would try to stent the blocked arteries, but may have to do open heart surgery. After the operation, the doctor told the family that their mother didn’t need anything done to her heart and in fact her heart was in great shape. Misdiagnoses or was it a miracle?

4.  We prayed for a pastor friend of ours that had a 70% blockage in one of the arteries in his heart. When they went in to stent the artery they couldn’t find a blockage. Misdiagnoses or was it a miracle?

5.  We prayed for our neighbor who had a blocked artery in his heart. The surgeon was amazed after they started the procedure, they couldn’t find a blockage. Misdiagnoses or was it a miracle?

6.  We prayed for a man at a restaurant who had cancerous tumor in his throat that was in the 4th stage. He had another scoping of his throat they couldn’t find the tumor. Misdiagnoses or was it a miracle?

7.  A woman diagnosed with leukemia was given a prayer cloth. After entering the hospital, the doctors couldn’t find any leukemia. Misdiagnoses or was it a miracle?

8.  A couple from Uganda were diagnosed with H.I.V. were sent a prayer cloth. When they went back for their next checkup, they were found to be H.I.V. free. Misdiagnoses or was it a miracle?

9.  A friend of ours was taken to the hospital because she couldn’t breath. She was put on oxygen. They thought at first it was her heart. After a couple of heart specialist examined her they called in a lung specialist. After several tests, it was determined that her lungs were damaged to the point where they couldn’t do anything for her. She was sent to a University Hospital to see if anything could be done to help her other than a lung transplant. There were many people praying for her. When she was examined at the University Hospital they said the only thing wrong with her was a slight case of pneumonia and she should completely recover. Misdiagnoses or was it a miracle?

To many times we don’t give God the credit for healing us, but instead we blame the doctors for misdiagnosing us, when in fact their diagnoses were correct.

We serve a God of the impossible.  Luke 1:37 "For with God nothing will be impossible."

We have to start expecting the impossible. You will only get from God what you expect. If you expect nothing, you will get nothing. You must raise your expectations of God if you expect Him to heal you.