" Healed of a Stroke "

Dear Friends and Family,

God truly does care for you, no matter how helpless it seems in the natural. The following is how God redirected the path of Lena and myself, so that we would be where God wanted us.

We were invited to attend the annual L.M.C.C. Choir’s Christmas Dinner in December of 2002. We had planned on going to Detroit to visit Lena’s sister, but the Lord had other plans. We had an exam scheduled for the following week, because of that we decided to put off the trip and study for the exam over the weekend, which made it possible for us to attend the Christmas Dinner.

The dinner was open to guests, so there were several people there from other churches. Lawaunda brought Ethrine to the dinner. Lawaunda had told her that Dick and Lena McNees were going to be at the dinner and that she would ask them to pray for her to be healed.

Ethrine happened to sit by Mary at the dinner, and Mary started sharing with her of all the healings the Lord had done in her body. This stirred up Ethrine’s faith to the point that she just knew that if we prayed for her she would be healed.

When the dinner was over, Ethrine sat in a chair at the back of the fellowship hall and waited for us to pray for her. At the time, Lena and I didn’t know Lawaunda had told her that we would pray for her. She sat there for quite awhile before Mary got our attention and told us that Ethrine was waiting for us to pray for her.

We went over by Ethrine and asked her what she needed prayer for. She said that a little over two years ago she had a stroke and it left her unable to lift her left arm and hand any higher than her shoulder.

I told her that God was able to heal her. Lena laid hands on Ethrine’s head and I laid my hands on her hand and arm. Lena and I prayed that the electrical frequencies between the brain, arm, and hand would be restored and the brain cells would be recreated. Then I told her to start lifting her arm up and down. Each time she lifted her arm it went higher. After raising her arm about four times, she was able to lift her arm over her head and place her hand on top of her head. She began praising the Lord as she kept lifting her arm and touching her head. She was totally healed.

Ethrine told Lena that she was unable to curl her hair for over two years, and now she was going to be able to curl her hair.

God is still in the miracle working business. What He did for Ethrine, He will do for you.

Ethrine came Expecting and had Faith that God was going to Heal her, and He did.