" Hospital Miracles "

Dear Friends and Family,

On Tuesday, we prayed for a church member just before he had open-heart surgery.We prayed that the operation and healing would be done in record time. The operation was to take up to six hours. He was out of surgery in three hours and thirty minutes.The next day after surgery, his wife told us that the incision was healing so fast that it appeared to be five days old.

His surgery was originally scheduled for Wednesday, but on Monday the doctor called and told him the surgery had been moved up a day. If his surgery hadn’t been moved up a day, the following wouldn’t have happened. We would have been at a different hospital with him and not at the hospital at which the following took place.

On Wednesday, we went to the hospital for another church member’s surgery. We arrived at the hospital thirty minutes earlier than she arrived. When we entered the waiting room we noticed three people that hadn’t been coming to church lately. Their father was about to go into surgery. We asked if we could pray for him just before surgery. We went with them to the holding area and noticed their father was very nervous and worried. After we prayed for him, he relaxed and was at peace. After the surgery his daughters said they would be coming back to church and they would try to bring their father. After the church member arrived and was being prepped for surgery Pastor arrived and we prayed for her. While waiting for her surgery to be finished we noticed a man come into the waiting room. We told Pastor that we had met him a couple weeks earlier while visiting another person in the hospital. We told pastor that his wife was in a coma. Pastor told us to see if we could go to ICU with him and pray for his wife, and that he believed God would touch her and save her.

While in the waiting room a friend of Lena’s, noticed us and told us that her father had just came out of surgery and was in the recovery room. She wanted us to pray for him, so we did. She was wearing a wrist brace. She told us she had carpal tunnel and her back and neck was out of place and one leg was shorter than the other. We asked if we could pray for her to be totally healed. This was new to her, but she said yes. We prayed for her wrist and the pain went completely away. I told her to do something that would have caused pain. She pressed down hard on her fingers and found there was no pain and her wrist was healed. We then prayed for her short leg and it grew out to the same length as the other. We then prayed for her back and neck and they were healed.

After leaving the waiting room at the hospital, we met the man in the hallway whose wife was in a coma. He told us that his wife had been in the hospital four weeks already. She had open- heart surgery, then suffered a stroke and was in a coma and on a breathing machine. He said that next week the doctors were going to pull the plug because she wasn’t responding to anything, she was just laying still. We asked him if we could pray for his wife. When we got to her bedside, I told her that Jesus loved her and cared for her and told her that she could receive Him into her heart. I then lead her in a prayer of repentance and acceptance of Jesus as her Savior. We then laid hands on her head and prayed that God would heal her brain and that she would come out of the coma and open her eyes. She then opened her eyes and looked at her husband and squeezed his hand. Her husband got very excited and said that he would never again doubt in the laying on of hands. He then repeated that he would never again doubt in the laying on of hands. I asked him if he would like to ask Jesus into his heart and he said yes he would. I then led him through a prayer of forgiveness and to except Jesus. He said he had to go call the children and tell them what had happened.


                                         Follow up on Lady in a Coma.

Lena and I went back to the hospital on the day before they were going to pull the plug, to see how she was progressing. Her husband wasn’t there, so we asked the nurse what was happening. The nurse said that they took her off the breathing machine and she was breathing on her own. The nurse said that she was able to open her eyes and was moving her legs a little bit, and that they were going to discharge her soon. The nurse said he wasn’t sure if the family would be taking her home, or placing her in a nursing home.

We went back again to the hospital on the next day and found her husband in the hallway. He told us that his wife was breathing on her own and could open her eyes, but that was about all she was doing. He said that she wasn’t responding to anyone and was all doped up. We went with him to ICU to his wife’s room. When we got to her room, Her husband got a phone call. He told us to go into her room and he would be back.

We went to her bedside and laid hands on her and started praying that she would completely recover from her stroke and start responding. She twitched and opened her eyes. We kept praying that God would restore her brain, and that the electrical impulses would come into harmony, and the chemicals would come into balance. After we finished praying for her, her husband came into the room. I told him to go to the other side of the bed and call to her. When he got to the other side, he called her name, when he did she turned her head toward him and rolled over to face him. She then lifted her arm up and took his hand. She was definitely responding to him.

A little later her children came into the room. The daughter-in-law said "Hi Mom", her mother-in-law got excited. She began moving her legs around and turned and looked at her. Her son went to the other side of her bed and she turned her head toward him and stretched out her arm to him. He took her hand and she held his. Her son got a phone call, so he went into the waiting room to take the call. We also left at that time, so the family could be by themselves. Her husband left the room at the same time we did, to go to the waiting room where his son was taking the phone call.

When we arrived at the waiting room, we overheard his son telling the person on the other end of the line. “ A couple of preachers came and prayed for mom. She started moving around, opened her eyes and looked at me. She held my hand and didn’t want to let go “It’s a Miracle, Ya, a Miracle!” The father and son both thanked us for praying for her.

As we were leaving the hospital a nurse told us that the husband had started reading the Bible to his wife every day.

God never changes. He’s still working miracles today just as He’s always has. He is no respecter of persons. He loves us so much that He will do the same for you as He’s done for so many others who will only Believe.