" Fulltime Ministry "

Dear Friends and Family,

This month we are celebrating our first year anniversary of stepping out into fulltime ministry. We have been ministering the Saving and Healing Power of Jesus Christ. We had the privilege of leading numerous people to Jesus through out this past year. Many have received their miraculous healings, and were delivered in all areas of their lives. This has been an exciting and spiritual rewarding year for us. Churches from several denominations have received us and our ministry with open arms. To some churches we are received as an Evangelist, others received us as a Prophet, and others received us as an Apostle. The Holy Spirit has tailor-made most of our messages for each of the different churches.

I would like to give you a little history about Healing Hands Ministry. Our ministry first started back in 1976 after God miraculously healed Dick’s back. After that we were prompted by the Holy Spirit to begin praying for other people with back problems. We got most of our practice by praying for people in hospitals. Then in 1998 we founded Healing Hands Ministry and started a school of healing at our home and at our church, in which many people have learned how to effectively pray for the sick and see them recover. In 2001 we started publishing our newsletter, and in 2002 we started our Web site. On April 15th 2005 we established Healing Hands Ministry as a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization. But it wasn’t until October 2009 that God called us into fulltime ministry.

We completed our ministerial training at Charismatic Bible Institute under Apostle Larry Olson. After completing our studies we were then licensed as Ministers of Pastoral Care, and three years later ordained as Evangelists, both with Living Way Ministries. We also had the privilege of studying under the late Healing Evangelists Charles and Frances Hunter of Hunter Ministries and were ordained by them through the City of Light in Kingwood, Texas.

The following is a list of the churches we have ministered at:

1.  Trinity Church of God in Christ - Benton Harbor, MI – Pastor John E. McCoy Jr.
2.  Reed Temple Church of God in Christ - Benton Harbor, MI – Pastor Philemon Reed
3.  Revival Center Church of God in Christ – Michigan City, IN – Pastor Supt. Dewitt Jackson
4.  Martin Temple C.O.G.I.C.– Benton Harbor, MI. – Pastor Philander Martin                           5.  Mount Zion Cathedral of Praise C.O.G.I.C. – Buchanan MI. – Pastor Supt. Hayes Taylor
6.  Unity Temple C.O.G.I.C. – Benton Harbor – Pastor Adm. William Nichols
7.  Lily of the Valley Church – Covert, MI – Pastor Elder Darryl Williams
8.  Living Stones Church of God – Benton Harbor – Pastor Supt. Horace Boone
9.  DayStar Ministries - Grand Rapids, MI – Pastor Glen Smith
10.  First Assembly of God – (Senior Service) - St. Joseph, MI – Pastor Dan Miller
11.  Lakeside Assembly of God – Shelby Twp., MI (Detroit) – Dr. Phillip Krist, Pastor
12.  Lake Michigan Christian Center, – Bridgman, MI – Pastors Larry and Karyn Olson
13.  Full Gospel Christian Center – Benton Harbor, MI – Pastor Lilton Easterling
14.  Full Gospel Assembly Pentecostal Church of God–Berrien Springs, MI–Pastor Starley Baker
15.  New Covenant Community Baptist Church - Benton Harbor, MI – Pastor Rodney Gulley
16.  House of Prayer – Benton Harbor, MI – Pastor Elder Ray
17.  Lively Stone Community Church – Buchanan, MI – Pastor Quincy Watts
18.  New Freedom Church – Coloma, MI – Pastor Wade Blankenship
19.  Agape Lighthouse – Mackinaw City, MI – Pastor Rodney Wood
20.  Word of Life Fellowship – Watervliet, MI. – Pastors Gary and Pat Purcell
21.  South Shore Fellowship – Bridgman, MI  - Pastor Jack Nordgren
22.  Greater Faith Community Church – South Haven, MI – Pastor Bernice Thomas

We are also continuing to minister to people that are in hospitals and seeing God reach down from heaven above, touching and healing them.

For the past five years Healing Hands Ministry has held the Worldwide Day of Healing at various churches, three times at Lake Michigan Christian Center in Bridgman, once at New Freedom Church in Coloma, and once at Lily of the Valley Church in Covert. We have also held two Healing Clinics at New Freedom Church, in Coloma, Michigan. For both these events we call upon our Healing Team members who we have trained at our School of Healing.

On September, 18th, 2010 we held the Worldwide Day of Healing at Lily of the Valley Church in Covert Michigan, Pastor Elder Darryl Williams. The people at Lily put up posters and handed out flyers announcing the event. What a turn out there was for the event. There were four healing team members that prayed for people. There was a steady line of people waiting to be prayed for. The team members prayed for people nonstop for five hours and ten minutes. We had two new team members with us. Boy! were Derek and Destiny excited to see the power of God flow through them, touching and healing the ones that they prayed for. They saw short legs and arms grow out right before their eyes. They prayed for people that came with pain in their bodies and seen them leave pain free. It was truly exciting to see God perform miracle after miracle.

On October 9th, 2010 we held a Healing Clinic at New Freedom Church in Coloma, Michigan, Pastor Wade Blankenship. This time we had six healing team members praying for people. The Healing Clinics are conducted in the same manner as the Worldwide Day of Healing. They were both held on a Saturday where people could come any time during the event and receive their healing. There was an atmosphere of expectancy and worship present in both services, and Jesus showed up as the Savior, Healer, and Deliverer. Many lives were changed forever.

Just a few weeks ago Lena received a phone call from her brother’s wife in Florida. She said that her daughter had a seizure and was in critical condition at the Lakeland Hospital, St. Joseph, Michigan. She said that she had talked to the doctor that was attending her daughter and was told that she should come home and go to the hospital because they weren’t giving her much of a chance of living, and that if she did live she would have severe brain damage.

Lena got on the phone and started calling all the intercessors to pray for her to recover. We then went to the critical care unit of the hospital. We found Lena’s niece with a breathing tube and unconscious. The nurse told us we could only stay a couple of minutes and for us not to talk to her. Lena and I knew we had to do something. I lightly placed my hand on her hair and we began whispering healing prayers over her. We came back that night and did the same thing.

The next day we met with some of the family members in the waiting room. They told us that everything was looking hopeless. We told them not to believe what the doctors say. We believe God is going to heal her completely. Just at that time a nurse’s aid came into the waiting room and noticed Lena and me. She said that Lena had prayed for her at Unity Temple just a couple weeks ago. She said her heel spurs are completely gone and she began jumping up and down showing us that she was healed. She said that several other people were healed as well. That gave so much encouragement to the family, knowing that if God had healed her, there was still hope that God would heal our niece as well. We told them that we have seen so many miracles that we know that there isn’t anything that our God can not do, and that God was going to heal our niece as well.

The next day she did a turn around and started to recover. The doctors were amazed. She continued improving, day by day and within a week she was able to go home. God performed a miracle. What an awesome God we serve!

If you have a problem or situation in your life that seems impossible, just remember that there isn’t anything our God can not do. Just have faith and believe, and God will do the rest.

We would like to thank each and every one of you who has become a Part of Healing Hands Ministry with your financial support and prayers throughout our first year in fulltime ministry. If you are not already a Partner with Healing Hands Ministry, we would like to invite you to become one. All donations are income tax deductible.


May God Richly Bless You.

Dick and Lena McNees