"Believe and Be Healed"

Lena and I believe that there isn’t anything that our God can’t do. So many times we limit God by our unbelief. It doesn’t even enter into our minds that we can’t be healed through the laying on of hands. Many times we go to the doctor instead of going to Jesus first. In some cases people don’t believe that healing by the laying on of hands is for today. They believe that healing by the laying on of hands went out with the apostles.

We find it easier to have people come to our home for ministry than it is to get them to come to church. For the most part, people are more relaxed and less intimidated by coming to your home.

We hope the following story will encourage you and strengthen your faith. Jesus is the same today as He was 2000 years ago. When Jesus said:  “ those that believe shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover”, He meant just that.

Mrs. W’s husband had several health problems, and she knew that if she could get him to come to our home for prayer, he would get healed. She goes to a church that believes if Jesus healed people 2000 years ago, He still heals people today. Jesus said: “these signs shall follow the believer, they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover”. That means that believers today can lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

She knew that if her husband got prayed for, God would heal him. She told us about his situation, and we told her to ask him if he would come to our home. She asked him and he agreed to come.

When she and her husband arrived at our home, they told us about his health problems. He wasn’t able to turn his head from one side to the other, and had been living in pain for several years. He showed us his legs that had turned a dark blue in color because his blood was flowing down into his legs, but wasn’t returning back. He also had open ulcers on his legs due to the blood not circulating.

We began praying and asking God to heal him. I laid my hands on his neck and in the name of Jesus commanded the neck to loosen and the pain to leave. As we prayed, the pain left and he began turning his head form side to side. God had touched his neck and for the first time in many years he was able to move his neck, and he was free from pain.

I then laid my hands on his legs, and in the name of Jesus commanded the veins and vessels in his legs to be healed. We then commanded in Jesus name that the blood would start flowing normally, and the ulcers on his legs to be healed.

While we were praying, his wife noticed something. She asked him what his foot was doing.  I looked at his foot and it was moving from side to side at the ankle. She told us that it was impossible for him to move his foot and ankle because his ankle had been fused together years ago, because of an injury. God indeed was doing a miracle right before our eyes.

After about three weeks we asked Mrs. W. how her husband’s legs were doing. She said that his legs were returning back to their normal color and the ulcers were healing up.

Mr. W  writes:

   “Being in pain, and loss of turning radius of my head, kept me pretty well tied
     up most of the time.

    God, through these wonderful people on earth here helped me to live a more
    productive life. It seems that in no time at all, a warm tingly feeling came
    over my body  after laying on of hands by Dick and Lena.

    Other medical problems have also lessened and I know that with time it will
    subside almost totally.”

    Thank you Jesus, and thank you for having Dick and Lena.”

What a wonderful testimony about Jesus is the same today as He was 2000 years ago. ( Just Believe and Be Healed ) and watch Jesus do a miracle in your life.


We Love All of You,                                                                                 


Dick and Lena McNees