" Ministry at Full Gospel Christian Center "

Dear Friends and Family,

A few weeks ago while I was leaving the hospital, I walked by a pastor and his wife while on my way to the parking garage. When I got to my car, I started thinking about them. I couldn’t think of their names, but I remember meeting them at one of the special meetings at our church. As I started to put the key into the ignition of my car I felt prompted to go back into the hospital and pray for them. I sat there for about five minutes wondering if I was just thinking that or if the Holy Spirit was prompting me. For some reason I wasn’t able to leave. So I knew the prompting must be coming from the Holy Spirit. I went back into the hospital and found them in the waiting room. I reintroduced myself to them, and he told me he was Pastor Easterling and his wife Irene of Full Gospel Christian Center in Benton Harbor. I told them that the Holy Spirit had prompted me to come back and pray for them. It was the pastor’s wife who was in need of prayer, so I prayed for her physical condition and for her emotions, that God would completely restore her to perfect health. The pastor then invited me to come visit their church sometime.

Two weeks went by, and the Holy Spirit began prompting me to visit their church. Their church started at 12:00 noon, so Lena and I first went to our church for the praise and worship service, and then left after the offering was taken.

We arrived at Full Gospel Christian Center about 15 minutes early. Pastor Easterling was just finishing the Sunday school lesson. When Sunday school was over, he asked us if we would minister after the praise and worship service. Pastor Easterling introduced us to his congregation and told them how God had placed me in their path at the hospital, just at the time they were in need of prayer. He told them that we were Evangelists Dick and Lena McNees of Healing Hands Ministry, and that God uses us in healing.

Lena shared about some of the miracles God had performed through our ministry. Then I told them a little about Healing Hands Ministry. I then shared what God had placed on my heart for them. After ministering the word, I gave an alter call for people to ask Jesus to come into their heart. Several people came forward and accepted Jesus as their Savior and others rededicated their lives to the Lord.

I also invited people to come forward that were in need of healing or to be set free from addictions. I told them to come expecting God to do a miracle in their lives. Many came and God healed them of their afflictions and set them free.

Others asked for prayer for their loved ones, that God would heal and deliver them, and that their loved ones would accept Jesus.

A man who previously had a hip replacement came forward. He said that his other hip was starting to give him problems also. After praying for him he said his hip went into place.

A woman came forward who was suffering with back pain. After I had prayed for her, I asked her how her back was. She said she still had pain. I prayed for her a second time. The power of the lord was so strong on her that she couldn’t stand. When she got up, she said all the back pain was gone.

I asked if there was anyone else suffering from back pain. A man came forward holding his hand on his upper back. He said that just before I asked if anyone was having back pain, he got a severe pain in his upper back. I put my hand on his back and commanded in the name of Jesus for his back to be healed and all the pain to go. He said all the pain was gone. He then told me that he had a hip replacement and it left his one leg 1½ inches shorter than the other leg. I had him sit in the pew and I held his legs out straight. One leg was indeed shorter than the other. In Jesus name, I commanded the leg to grow out and it did. The man started walking and then leaping around, praising the Lord for healing him. He said it felt as if he was stepping in a hole when he walked. He had shoe lifts in the shoe of the short leg, and had to take them out so that he could walk evenly.

We prayed for several people with high blood pressure and blood sugar. Also for people who wanted to be delivered from habits. Many of them got a breakthrough.

Lena prayed over all of the children, one at a time, for protection and anything negative that was past down through the generations. She also prayed for God’s blessing upon them.

We would like to thank all of you who have supported Healing Hands Ministry this past year.
God has been sending us out more and more each year. We would like to invite you to become a part of Healing Hands Ministry. You can do this by praying for us and with your financial support. Any donation you make to Healing Hands Ministry is tax deductible and you will receive a tax deductible receipt for your donations. Every time someone receives Jesus into their heart or gets healed through our ministry, you will be a part of it because of your prayers and support. May God richly bless you for your part in spreading the gospel.