" Prayer & Fasting "

Dear Friends and Family,

Have you ever wondered what you could do to move the hand of God? I’d like to tell you about what the Full Gospel Assembly in Hartford Michigan did.

I received an e-mail from Pastor Shannon asking for a phone number were he could reach me at. When he called and told me that his church was going to pray and fast the month of January and at the end of the fast he wanted to bring in a special speaker. He said he was in prayer and was asking God who he should have come to minister on the 31st of January, our names came before him. I told him that we would be available to hold a Healing and Miracle Service on that date.

Now that got Lena and I very excited, because when God speaks to a pastor to have us come and hold a service, you know in your spirit that something big is about to happen.

Three weeks before the service we made up some flyers and posters advertising the Healing and Miracle service, and we delivered them to the church. While at the church we were talking to one of the members. He began telling us that the church was praying and fasting because they wanted to see healings and miracles like it was in the bible days. It was like he was saying, “If we do our part God will do His part”. Everyone we talked with was excited and was anticipating a mighty move of God.

That reminds me of the upper room, when they were all in one accord and the Holy Spirit fell upon them. Can you just imagine what would happen if all the churches would be in one accord, seeking God with prayer and fasting. We would see a mighty move of the Holy Spirit like it never was seen before in this generation. It would be like the first generation church where thousands of people daily accepted Jesus as their Savior.

Lena and I also felt led to pray and fast along with them, asking the Holy Spirit to have His way in the service, by showing up with signs and wonders, healings and miracles.

When we arrived at the church, we could feel a strong presence of the Holy Spirit. The people came expecting and there was an excitement in the air.

At the start of the service Lena and I gave a few testimonies of the miracles God has been doing through our ministry. Then I gave a message on faith. After the message we had an usher hand out prayer clothes to people that wanted prayer for someone that couldn’t be at the service. Afterwards we began by calling people forward that had back problems. We had the front two rows filled. As we began praying for them, one by one, God healed each and every one of them. There were people that came limping and some could hardly walk, and others with pinched nerves. God touched and healed every one of them.
Then we began praying for different afflictions. People came with knee problems, with bad rotator cuffs, with neck problems, and with authorities and all of them walked away healed.

An elderly lady we prayed for had a delayed reaction. About a couple minutes after she was prayed for she shouted, “I can hear” and ran over to me and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

A lady said that her toes were curled under and couldn’t straighten them and she was walking on them. When I placed my hands on her toes they straighten and began wiggling.

One lady told us that she had a lung disease and had problems breathing. She said that see told God, if He would heal her that she would sing for Him. After I had prayed for her I felt impressed to tell her to sing.  She began singing with a beautiful strong and loud voice, God answered her prayer.

Another lady had a bone growth on the side of her foot. After praying for her, she said there was still a little bit there. So I prayed a second time. That time she said the bone growth was gone. That reminded me of when Jesus prayed for the blind man, and Jesus asked him what do you see. He told Jesus that he saw men as trees. So Jesus prayed a second time and the man received his sight. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t receive your healing the first time you were prayed for. Keep on getting prayed for until you also receive your healing.

We prayed for a man that had a stroke. One of his hands was curled up tight. As I laid my hand on his
hand and commanded it in the name of Jesus to open, it quickly opened. The stroke also affected his leg. The calf on his leg had no muscle left and he couldn’t feel his leg and foot. As I placed my hands around his calf, I could feel the muscle growing. All of a sudden he shouted out, “I can feel my leg, I can feel my foot”. I then asked him if he was saved and he said no. I asked him if he would like to accept Jesus into his heart and he said yes. He accepted Jesus right then and there.

The Lord impressed on me to ask for women that felt rejection to come forward for prayer. About six women came forward and the Lord set them free, and one of them gave her heart to the Lord.

Lena and I prayed with people for over three hours. We didn’t quit until everyone who came for prayer received their healing. About forty people came to receive their healing and they all left healed. What an Awesome God we serve!

They were praying and fasting for God to do healings and miracles in their midst and that Moved the Hand of God as He showed up in a miraculous way. Praying and Fasting truly Moves the Hand of God.

We were also able to have a Healing and Miracle service at a Spanish church, King of Kings Church in Coloma Michigan. Lena and I don’t speak Spanish so Pastor Angel interpreted for us. Lena and I didn’t understand the words that the praise group was singing, but we could feel a strong anointing and presence of the Lord. We gave several testimonies of the healing power of Jesus and them a short message before going into the healing part of the service. People were healed from authorities, a pinched sciatic nerve, a rotator cuff and several backs were healed.


Jesus said in the last days He will pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. I truly believe that we are in the last days. The time is short before Jesus will returns for those that have accepted Him as their savior and are living for Him. We don’t have too much more time remaining to get ourselves ready. There are only two places where we can spend eternity. One is with Jesus in heaven, and the other is an eternity in hell. It is our choice, which one will you choose?

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

If you haven’t accepted Jesus as your Savor, there is still time. You can do it right now, it’s not hard. In your own words, ask Him to forgive you of all your sins and accept Him as your Savior.



Dick and Lena McNees    


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