" Woman Healed of HIV "

Dear Friends and Family,

The latest e-mail we have received requesting a prayer cloth came from a woman who lives in the UK. She found our website and read the story about the couple that was healed of HIV positive. She wrote the following:

I live in the UK. I was really amazed by the healing testimony of HIV of a couple who live in Uganda. Last year I had an operation and my blood was very, very low, I was given a blood transfusion. Upon being discharged I was told that I was HIV positive, it shocked me, my husband tested negative. I started getting close to God and praying, sending prayer requests each time when I go for my review. I haven’t started medication yet because my viral is very low and that now I am pregnant am 16 weeks now and they said that I will start medication when I am 20 weeks. Please send me a prayer cloth put in prayers that no HIV virus to be detected in my blood, no medication to be prescribed to me.

As soon as we received the e-mail, I printed it out, and Lena and I prayed over it. We then prayed over a piece of cloth and anointed it with oil and sent it to her. She has been calling Lena by phone at least once a week from the UK for prayer. Her HIV count was 15,000. After receiving the prayer cloth her count went down to 194, but it lingered around 194. Each week she would call and Lena would pray for her, but her HIV count remained around 194. This was hard to understand why it wasn’t going down to zero.

Another time when she called Lena, she said that her hemoglobin was very low and if it didn’t come up she would need to be given some blood. Lena prayed with her that the hemoglobin would come up to normal level. Lena also prayed that during and after the birth that she wouldn’t have any pain.

The next time she had her hemoglobin checked it was back up above normal.

The time for her to have her baby was just a couple weeks away. This time when she called, Lena did something different. Lena took authority over Satan and bound his powers, and commanded the HIV virus to leave her body. Something came over the woman, she began sweating and said that there was something coming out of her pours. At that moment Lena knew that the HIV had left her body. When she had her next blood test, she was HIV free.

Lena e-mailed her the following:

Spiritual Rebuke
Satan, I bind your powers in Jesus Name and command you to remove your influence from my life and to immediately release my finances and anything else you are trying to hold back from me. I command you in the name of Jesus to pay me back 7 times what you’ve stolen from me: including my money, my time, my peace, and my joy. I rebuke any and all curses that have been spoken over me and my family. I cast out any lack or limitation, and I speak God’s favor and blessing over my life. In Jesus name. Amen.

This was the same spiritual rebuke that our son Darren wrote and sent to Lena.

Lena received a text message on her cell phone saying she was on her way to the hospital to give birth to her baby. Lena sent her back a text message with a prayer over her and the baby. She had the baby by cesarean.  She gave birth to a beautiful baby. She told Lena that she had no pain after the cesarean and that the doctor couldn’t believe she was without pain and didn’t need any pain pills.

A week later she e-mailed Lena the following:

The baby is fine so am I. She likes sleeping during the day a lot and makes us awake in the night. She thinks daytime is nighttime for her. Today I had my staples removed from the operation. Also Lena pray for her umbilical cord to get dry and healed.

She also told Lena that the baby wasn’t drinking and asked Lena to pray for the baby to start drinking. Lena prayed that the baby would start drinking and that the cord would dry up and fall off. She also prayed that the baby would sleep at night and be awake more during the day.

The next time when she called Lena, she said that the cord had dried up and fell off and the baby was starting to drink and the baby was sleeping more at night instead of during the day, She told Lena that God had answered every one of her prayer requests. She was so excited about what God had done for her.

During this time Lena had called several prayer partners to agree with her in prayer for the mother and the baby.

It is truly amazing how God put Lena and her together. She lives half-way around the world from us, and whom we have never met, but God made it all come about for His glory.

Jesus loves and cares for you so much that He will arrange to have people come into your life that will sincerely pray for you and your situations. Jesus takes care of His own, wont you become one of His own? He really truly loves you and wants the very best for you.

The Bible tells us in Hebrews 13:8 (Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.) That means, what He said is true and His promises He will keep through the generations and through all eternity.

I’m reminded of the last promise Jesus made to us over 2000 years ago. It is found in Mark 16:17 and says: “And these signs will follow those who believe: In My name they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover."

Signs and wonders follow us because of our faith in God’s word. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus all things are possible. 

The Bible is the True and Living Word of God. If the Bible says it, I believe it and will receive it. I am one of those who believe. How about You?