" Walking Leads to Healing "

Dear Friends and Family,

Lena and I would like to share a few of the miracles God has been doing at our local mall. We have been walking at the mall since last fall, due to the cold weather. We walk five laps around the inside of the mall per day, except for Sundays, which equals about two and one half miles. Our fastest time so far is 38 minutes. Not bad for a couple senior citizens. We have found one way to stay young is to stay active and not let your body get old.

One day while walking at the mall, we noticed a lady limping as she walked. Lena began talking to the lady and found out that she had both her knees replaced. She told us that the first knee replacement went well, but her second knee replacement didn’t go well, and that knee has given her problems ever since the replacement. Lena asked her if we could pray for her knee and she said we could. We had her sit on one of the benches, and we laid our hands on her knee and commanded in the name of Jesus all the pain to leave and for the knee to be healed. We then had her start walking. As she began walking the pain left and she was able to walk without limping. We all began thanking God for healing her knee.

Another day while walking at the mall we noticed a local pastor’s wife sitting on one of the benches. We stopped and began talking with her. She told us that when she was at her doctor’s office, he told her that her thyroid had become enlarged and would have to have something done about it. We began praying for her thyroid and for it to become normal. We saw her a couple months latter and she told us that the next time she had gone to see her doctor, her thyroid was normal.

While walking another time at the mall, Lena noticed a lady had a Bible on her desk as we walked past a business, so Lena stopped and told her, that is a good book. Lena began sharing about our ministry. Lena told her about our school of healing that we have each year. The lady was quite interested in the classes, and wanted to know if she and her husband could attend our next classes. They both came to our classes. While attending the classes, they told us he used to drive truck but couldn’t anymore because of an accident that injured his head. The impact of the accident shifted his brain in his skull and it caused him to have severe headaches. He told us that he had a vision of us praying for him and that the Lord was going to heal him. So as we all prayed I laid my hands on his head and in the name of Jesus, commanded the brain to go back into place and all the pain to leave. God took all the pain away and healed him. He was also seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and received that as well. He is now able to work again and is back truck driving. They are now praying for other people and are seeing them get healed.

About two and a half weeks ago while walking, we noticed a couple at one of the stands in the mall. We had noticed them for several days, so we decided to stop and talk with them. We introduced ourselves to them, and told them that we were evangelists and in the healing ministry. The lady told us that she had chronic asthma and was congested. She asked if we would pray for her, so we did. The following is her testimony that she wrote:

 My Name is Ebony. I have such a wonderful testimony. God healed me from chronic asthma through the Evangelists Dick and Lena McNees. I was first diagnosed with asthma when I was an infant. My mother told me that I had trouble breathing as an infant. That’s when the doctors ran test and diagnosed me with asthma. When I was 10 years old, it was hard for me to participate in activities that required a lot of running and jumping. I remember being hospitalized on several occasions so many that I can barley count.

I also remember almost dying. It was a horrible feeling, but God brought me through it. I thank God the day Dick and Lena walked passed my husband and I. They greeted us and told us about their ministry. I told them how I had asthma really bad. God used them to pray for me right there. While they were praying for me, God lifted something out of my chest. Before God used them to pray for me I felt very congested. After God delivered and healed me, the congestion went away. Normally I would have to take the asthma medicine four or more a day. The day after they prayed for me I only needed the asthma medicine one time. On the following day, I didn’t need any asthma medication at all. And I will never need the asthma medicine ever again. I give God all the glory, the honor, and the praise for healing me from chronic asthma of nearly 23 years. It is such a blessing to me.

Many times we meet people who just need someone to talk to. So much can be accomplished by listening. There are many people that are hurting emotionally. Not everyone we come in contact with suffers from a physical condition. Many just need someone to listen to them in order to receive their healing.


"May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you His favor and give you His peace". May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed".


Spreading The Good News!                                         

Evangelists   Dick and Lena McNees