"Soon Returning"

Dear Friends and Family,

Summer was here and now gone. We hope everyone had an enjoyable summer. As for us it’s been a mixture of hard work redoing the landscaping around our home, the joy of getting together with relatives at family reunion, and the awesomeness of seeing God do the miraculous in our ministry. It seems like we are on a spiritual high most all the time.

It has been amazing how God sets up divine appointments outside of the church. It seems almost everywhere we go, we meet people that need prayer. I want to share just a couple. Last week we were going to go to a local restaurant, but then changed our mind and went to South Bend instead. At the same time another couple from Elkhart drove by the restaurant that we were at on their way to a different restaurant, but changed their mind and came back to the restaurant we were at. They ended up setting in the booth in back of ours. When we first got there, we stopped at a table and talked to an elderly couple, Lena told the lady she looked so pretty and then we went to a booth in the far corner of the restaurant. All of a sudden the elderly lady comes to our table and sat beside Lena and she said pray for me I have asthma. As we prayed, her congestion cleared up and she was able to breathe normally. Now the couple from Elkhart was watching us and the lady said that she had arthritis in both knees and in her lower back and wanted us to pray for her. After praying for her back, all her pain left. I then prayed for both her knees and all the pain left her knees. Her husband also had a bad knee that we prayed for and his pain left. We were at Lowes and were talking to an employee and found out he had diabetes so we prayed for him. About two week later we saw him again and he told us that his blood sugar count went down from 360 to 179. When we were at Sam’s Club Lena noticed a lady that had a bad looking thumb, it was red, black, and blue and she said that she had broken it and wasn’t able to bend it. We prayed for her thumb and afterwards she said that it was still discolored and still couldn’t move it. So we went on shopping. About 10 minutes later the lady came rushing down the isle and said I had to find you, look, and she began wiggling her thumb. What an awesome God.

We have been noticing God’s anointing getting stronger and stronger. Since our last news letter we’ve ministered at New Life Center in South Bend IN, Full Gospel Assembly in Hartford MI, King of Kings Church (Spanish church) in Coloma MI, Second Chance Ministries in Benton Harbor MI, Full Gospel Tabernacle in Benton Harbor MI, New Freedom in Coloma MI, while at the I.M.N conference we were able to pray for several of the pastors there and they received their healing. Here are just some of the healings and miracles that God did in those services:
a.  A man whose hand and arm shook due to Parkinson’s disease, the shaking stopped after prayer.
b.  A lady who needed a walker to walk was able to walk without the walker after prayer.
c.  A lady received her hearing.
d.  A man and a woman that needed a knee replacements were able to walk without any pain.
e.  A lady that couldn’t turn her neck in one direct was able to move it in both directions after prayer.
f.  A lady with a discolored and swollen ankle and leg. The swelling went down and color restored.
g.  A man that had problems breathing was able to breath normally after prayer.
h.  Numerous  people with back problems were healed.
i.   A lady with pain from her shoulder through her wrist. All pain left.
j.  Several with rotator cuff pains were healed.
k.  A lady with sinus infection and congestion that could hardly breathe or talk, instantly healed.
l.  A lady with carpel tunnel was able to move and twist her wrist without any pain after prayer.
m. A man whose arm and hand was cold and no feeling due to a pinched nerve was healed.

I would like to share a dream with you that Lena had a few weeks ago, the Lord spoke to her in a dream, and she heard the following:

"Jesus is coming sooner than you think, there is not much time, get ready, tell your family and loved ones first. This was on a Friday. Then the next night the dream continued. Jesus is coming sooner than you think, there is not much time, get ready, tell your family and loved ones first. Then she found herself in a big auditorium telling everybody that she saw, Jesus is coming soon get ready."

The following week a little five year old girl basically had the same dream. The dream has been so heavy on Lena that she can’t rest. She has been calling several family members and loved ones and telling them about the dream. The next day we were led to go to Martin Temple C.O.G.I.C. During testimony service, the Lord prompted Lena to tell the dream. Then she began telling the people that they have to get their lives right with God, and you who were saved a long time ago, but you are not living for the Lord, you need to ask the Lord to forgive you of all your sins and turn your life around and live for Him. Bible Prophesies are being fulfilled daily. Jews all around the world are going back to Israel by the plane full. When she was finished, Pastor Martin said to her, the Lord sent you here today. He said that the Lord had woke him up at six o’clock that morning and told him to get his bible and read. He was led to the scriptures about the end times. He then gave the message that the Lord laid on his heart for the people to get their lives in order and be ready. The next Sunday the Lord led us to go to New Freedom Church. Lena had previously shared the dream with the Pastor’s wife. Pastor Wade wanted Lena to share the dream to his congregation. After Lena told the people the dream she had, the Lord began giving me a message to minister to the people. The message was about getting your life in order and being ready when Jesus returns. Letting them know that they are responsible for their children and will be held accountable for their lives. Christians have become lukewarm, they have been compromising and saying things aren’t that bad to see and do. But sin is still sin in God’s eyes. I found myself going up and down the isles asking people if they were ready. When I was finished, Pastor Wade gave an alter call for anyone who wanted to get their heart right with the Lord. There were sixteen people who responded and came forward to the alter and prayed.

We are truly living in the end days and Jesus could return at anytime. The bible says in 1Thessalonians 4:16 & 17 “For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air, and so shall we ever be with the Lord”.

Several ladies said that they have heard the trumpet sound in a dream.

The Lord gave Lena another dream a few years ago. She saw faces in a cloud and she heard a voice saying, “We are coming to get the dead”. As the bible says, the dead in Christ shall rise first.

If you haven’t given your heart to the Lord and asked Jesus to forgive you of all your sins or if you haven’t been living right, now is the time to do it.



Dick and Lena McNees    


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