" Being In The Right Place "

Dear Friends and Family,

Several weeks ago a friend from a church in Benton Harbor called us on a Sunday afternoon and told me that they had a guest pastor fill in for their Pastor in the morning service, but he was unable to fill in for the evening service. I was asked if we could minister in the evening service.

The people at the service were all over 50 years old. The Lord had me give an encouraging word to them that everyone can be used in ministry, no matter what their age.

After the message I asked if anyone was in need of prayer to come forward for ministry.

A lady came forward and told us that she had arthritis and had been in constant pain. After we prayed for her, I asked her where was the pain. She said the pain had gone and she hadn’t known what it was like to be without pain.

Next a gentleman came forward and said he had injured his back several years ago. I had him sit in the pew and I measured the length of his legs. One was longer than the other. I explained to him the reason the one leg was longer than the other was because his back was out of place. As I prayed for his back his legs aligned up and were the same length and his back moved back into place. He said that he had never felt anything like that before. Praise God for His healing power!

The next week on Tuesday, God impressed on me to call up a pastor who had a church in Coloma, But I wasn’t able to reach him by phone. That Saturday we were driving by Coloma and I decided to look for his church. The pastor wasn’t at the church but the sign in front of the church said Sunday school started at 10:00 am. but didn’t list any other services.

When we got home I told Lena that God was impressing on me that we were to go to that church Sunday and see what God would do.

When we arrived there, the pastor’s wife greeted us in the foyer and said how glad she was to see us, and she said her husband was going to be very glad to see us. She took us to the pastors office. When the pastor saw us he said that he was really glad to see us. And then he said again, I’m really glad to see you. Now I’ll have to admit this seemed strange. Why would he repeatedly say he was very glad to see us? Then he explained. He told us that he was in prayer and was trying to discern what message the Lord would have him give to the people. But he wasn’t receiving any messages. Then the Lord told him that He was going to do something different in the service. But the pastor didn’t know what it was or how it was going to come about. All he knew was that in 15 minutes it would be time to start Sunday school and that he hadn’t heard from the Lord what he was to minister on in the worship service, only that God was going to do something different in the service. Then he said he looked up and there we were. And at that moment he realized what God meant when He said He was going to do something different in the service. That was why he was so glad to see us.

The pastor asked if I had a word and said he would like us to have the service and minister. I gave an evangelistic message on how God has called everyone to spread the gospel in their world immediately around them. I shared how Jesus reached the multitude through signs of healings and miracles and that He is doing the same today through His people.

I shared a few testimonies on how God has healed many people through our ministry and told them that God wants to do the same in this service.

I first asked people to come forward who would like to receive Jesus into their heart. I then invited anyone who was in need of healing.

Many people came forward. A young man wanted to receive Jesus but said he was unworthy and didn’t deserve to receive Jesus. Lena explained to him that none of us were worthy but Jesus made us worthy by going to the cross and dieing for our sins so that we could be made worthy. The young man received Jesus as his savior. He said that something happened to his back about 15 years ago and that he has been in pain ever since. I asked him if he would like Jesus to heal him. He said he couldn’t ask Jesus to heal him because he wasn’t worthy to be healed. I explained to him that not only did Jesus die for our sins but that he was beaten so that we could be healed. He than let us pray for him. After we had prayed for him he said this was the first time in 15 years he was without pain in his back.

There was a young lady that came forward and Lena asked her if she would like to rededicate her life to the Lord and she said she would and Lena led her through a rededication prayer.

The praise group was playing in the background. The Lord led Lena to take the young lady by the arm and start dancing and spinning around. All of a sudden the young lady raised her arms toward heaven and the Holy Spirit hit her and she started dancing and praising God with tears of joy. She just couldn’t stop praising Him. God set her totally free of all depression and anxieties.

Several women came forward for healing of female problems. Others came forward for the healing of backs, feet, and many other physical problems. God touched them with His healing power.

We would like to encourage all of you to reach out into the world around you. Everywhere you go there are people that don’t know Jesus. Take a bold stand and tell everyone you come in contact with just how Jesus has changed your life and He can do the same in their lives too. Tell them that Jesus is the same today as He was 2000 years ago. The things that He did then He is doing now through His people.