"More Churches"

Dear Friends and Family,

Boy, are we excited! The Holy Spirit has been leading us to more churches than ever before, and as we obey His prompting and go, He always shows up with signs, wonders, and miracles.

Last year we ministered at twenty-three different churches, of which four of them were for the first time. The last two were Kingdom Impact Christian Cultural Church (Pastor Edwin Newsome) in Elkhart, In., and Niles Avenue Baptist Church (Pastor Michael S. King) in Saint Joseph Mi.

We met Pastor Edwin Newsome at Golden Corral in Mishawaka In. We told him about us and some of the miracles God was doing through our ministry. About two months went by, and the Holy Spirit prompted us to visit Kingdom Impact. When we arrived, a male usher took Lena by the arm and a female usher took me by the arm and escorted us to the front of the church. Now that was something that has never happened to us before. This church was truly a multi-cultural church. There were people of several different nationalities worshiping there. I truly believe that God would want all churches to be multi-cultural. Pastor Edwin is not only a gifted preacher of the Word, but is also an anointed singer as well. Kingdom Impact broadcasts their Sunday services over the internet at (www.kingdomimpact.net).

Pastor Newsome introduced us to his congregation and after his message he had us pray for anyone that desired prayer. We talked to Pastor Newsome after church, and he scheduled us to hold a healing and miracle service the following month. We had a large snow storm the Sunday of the healing service and many churches were closed. We were wondering if we should call off the service, but two hours before the service the storm let up enough for us to go. The storm kept many people from coming out, but the people that were supposed to be there came. But most of all the Holy Spirit showed up with healings and miracles. People were healed and set free from their afflictions.

The following week we were scheduled to minister at Niles Avenue Baptist Church in St. Joseph Mi. A good friend of mine that I use to work with had been telling Pastor Michael King about our ministry and sharing some of our news letters with him. Ken called me on the phone and wanted to set up a dinner appointment to meet with the Pastor. Ken, Pastor, and I, along with our wives met at a Chinese restaurant. Pastor King and his wife were very excited about our ministry and wanted us to have a healing and miracle service at their church. He wanted his congregation to experience the healing gifts that were talked about in the Bible. He wanted us to come in three week so he could teach for two Sundays about healing, and then have us come and have a healing service. I wasn’t sure exactly where the church was located, so Lena and I drove to the church a couple of days before the service. As we drove down Niles Avenue, we noticed on the church marquee “Healing Hands Ministry” and the date of the service. That was a first for us to be advertised on a church marquee.

I knew that healings and miracles were going to be something new for many of the people, because many Baptist don’t believe that healings and miracles are for today. Lena and I started out by telling about several miracles that have taken place through our ministry. Then I talked about the woman with an issue of blood that was desperate and pressed into the crowd to touch Jesus, and how Jesus had healed her. We also have to press in to receive our healing. I told them that after the twelve apostles were anointed to heal and do miracles it didn’t stop with them, that Jesus appointed another seventy to heal and do miracles. Then when Jesus was about to ascend up into Heaven He said these signs shall follow them that believe; In My name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. Jesus said all that believe will do these things, not just the twelve apostles.

When it came time to pray for people only three or four people came forward. We prayed for three people with back problems and God healed them. Then a lady said that she could only turn her head to the left and has been that way for eight years. Most all of the people there knew her and of her condition. I placed my hands on her neck and commanded in the name of Jesus for her neck to be healed. I told her to move her head. She first moved it to the far right and then slowly began moving it to the left. This time instead of stopping, her head kept moving all the way to the far left. She burst into tears, and the pastor’s wife that was close to her burst into tears as well. At that point a long line began forming with people that wanted to be healed, and God didn’t disappoint them. All it took for them to believe was to see someone that they personally knew to get healed.

The next Sunday Pastor King preached that you will never know when you will die and that you have to be ready.

Two Sundays later, Pastor King died. He had told his congregation that he could see the church full with standing room only, and that’s the way it was at his funeral. His death was unexpected. He was well loved by everyone and will be missed greatly. I only met him once, but I felt that I had always known him. Our prayers go out to his wife, family and his church family.

If Pastor King could speak to you one last time, he would say to you, you have to be ready and the only way to be ready is to ask Jesus into your heart and to forgive you. By accepting Him, you will make Heaven your final home for eternity. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me”.

Our prayer for you is that you would accept Jesus into your heart as your Savior, if you haven’t already done so.

Jesus will bring you Joy, Peace, and Happiness.



Dick and Lena McNees