" Worldwide Day of Healing 2009 "

Dear Friends and Family,

We are indeed living in miraculous times. Jesus said in Mark 16:17 that signs will follow those who believe. It is true today as it was 2000 years ago. We are seeing people healed and set free ever where we go, whether it is at church, or at the stores where we shop. Jesus is there with His healing power.

One of the things the Lord impressed us to do was to be involved in the Worldwide Day of Healing. Each year we coordinate and oversee this miraculous healing event and find a church in our area to host it. We would like to share with you some of the highlights of this year’s event.

On September 19th 2009 the Worldwide Day of Healing was hosted by Lake Michigan Christian Center, Senior Pastors Larry and Karyn Olson. I would like to say a special - Thank You - to them for being supportive of this event. This was a day set aside by Churches from around the world and people of all denominations came to receive their healing.

About two weeks ahead of the event we started by designing and printing flyers and posters. We cut up pieces of cloth and anointed them with oil and prayed over them. The prayer cloths would be given out to people to take to others that needed healing. The flyers were put in all the church bulletins and the people were encouraged to take extra flyers and give them to their friends and family. We put up posters around the community. Next we had to find people to become involved. We were going to need greeters, hostess, ushers, usherette, soundman, intercessors, and healing team members. We had everyone meet at the church 30 minutes before the event for instructions and to pray over the prayer cloths and the church. We all prayed and interceded for the healing and salvation for those coming for prayer.

As the people came, they were greeted and then they filled out a form telling what they needed prayer for. An usherette then escorted them to the front of the church to one of the prayer teams. You could feel the presence of the Lord and a strong anointing as the songs of the Lord were being played in the background.

The following are some of the awesome healings and miracles God did that day.

       A person with asthma began breathing normally.

       A person with a hip out of place. While praying for them, their hip popped and the---------   pain left.

       A person with a pinched sciatic nerve said the pain went away after prayer.

       A person with a migraine headache. It went away after prayer.
       A person that was having problems reading and was loosing part of their eyesight, do
----- to a cataract began to see clearly and was able to read again after prayer.

       A stroke victim after 15 years was able to move her foot and leg, and her stiff arm -------  --became pliable. She said that while she was being prayed over, it was as if Jesus ------------Himself was lifting her arm over her head.

       A person with osteoporosis said, after prayer the pain was gone.

       A person that had some problem with balance regained their balance after prayer.

       A person with a sore throat said after prayer the soreness was gone.

       A person with back pain and tight muscles said after prayer the muscles loosened and------ pain left.

       A person with a slipped disc and his back was out of alignment, said that he was able ----- to move around without any pain after prayer.

       A person with knee pain said they felt better after prayer.

       A person with a spinal cord injury that caused pain in the groin and back. After prayer --- --all the pressure was gone, and he was able to bend and twist without any pain.

       People came and stood in for friends and were given prayer cloths to take back to the --- --person they were standing in for.

       People rededicated their lives to the Lord and asked to be delivered from addictions.

       A Hindu man from India asked prayer for his father who had lung cancer. His father ---------was living in India. We prayed over a prayer cloth and anointed it with oil, and asked ------God to heal his father of cancer. We told him to send the prayer cloth to his father. We ------prayed peace and comfort over him and his family. I explained the Love of God to him ------and that the only way to God was through His Son Jesus Christ and that he could ------------receive Jesus. I then asked him if he would like to receive Jesus into his heart and he------- said yes he would, so I led him to the Lord. 

What an awesome day it was. Jesus showed up as the Healer, the Deliverer, and the Savior. These healings and miracles are a sign that Jesus still saves and heals today as he did 2,000 years ago.

Lena and I would also like to say that we appreciate all of you who have helped support Healing Hands Ministry with your prayers and donations. Because of your support we are able to offset some of the cost of these events, and other outreaches of Healing Hands Ministry. Again we say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.
We hope you have been blessed and encouraged by reading all of these testimonies of the healing and saving power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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