" Worldwide Day of Healing 2008 "

Dear Friends and Family,

This year we held the Worldwide Day of Healing at New Freedom Church, 6210 Mountain Road, Coloma, Michigan. Pastor Wade Blankenship.

Two weeks before the event, Lena and I went to New Freedom Church and spoke to the congregation about what the event was all about, and what their part in the event would be.

I told them that the event would be held on Saturday September 20th. where people could come any time between the hours of 11:00am and 2:00pm. to receive prayer for healing. We would have several healing teams there that would pray for everyone who needed healing or for any other need they might have. We would also have prayer intercessors there. When the teams are finished praying for a person for healing, they will be asking the people if they would like to receive Jesus into there hearts. We have found that after the Lord has healed a person, they also want to receive Jesus into their hearts.

It was to be an Evangelistic outreach in their community, and we would have people from their church taking part in the event. We would need greeters, hostesses, ushers, someone for registration, and a person to run the sound system. The success of the event would be up to them. Healing Hands Ministry would be sending out mailers, and providing posters and brochures, but New Freedom Church would be the ones to put up the posters, hand out the brochures, and would invite all their friends and family. When the event is over, their pastor would be given the names and addresses of the people who came for prayer. They would then follow up with the people, and the ones that didn’t have a church home would be invited to attend New Freedom Church.

The congregation was very excited about having the Worldwide Day of Healing at their church. Many of them wanted to take part in the event.
After the church service Lena prayed for a young man who had injured his back. After God healed his back, he accepted Jesus as his Savior. Many others were prayed for also.

The following is what took place at the Worldwide Day of Healing:

The intercessors and the prayer teams met for prayer 30 minutes before the event. Everyone also prayed over the prayer cloths that were to be given out to people that were not able to attend the event.
As the people came for prayer they were greeted at the door and taken to the registration table. They were then escorted into the sanctuary that was filled with soft worship music, and then to one of the healing teams for prayer. You could feel the very presence of the Lord in the sanctuary. After receiving prayer, some of the people just sat in the sanctuary and enjoyed the presence of the Lord. It was as if they didn’t want to leave.

Prayer Highlights:

Pain in her knee, hip, & neck. Her hip went back into place and all pain left her knee & neck.

Injured wrist and wasn’t able to move her fingers. The pain left her wrist and was able to move her fingers.

Stress and hopelessness. Said he felt better after prayer. He rededicated his life to the Lord.

To stop smoking. After prayer she rededicated her life to the Lord.

Unspoken needs. She felt peace after prayer.

Abnormal stress test. Prayed for no blockages. She asked Jesus into
her heart.

Nodule on thyroid. Prayed for thyroid to be healed. She gave her heart
to the Lord.

Addiction to cigarettes and alcohol. Prayed for deliverance. She
rededicated her life to the Lord.

Heavy burdens. They felt burdens lift and felt freedom.

Back pain. Pain left. She recommitted her life to the Lord

Big challenge in life. She recommitted her life to the Lord.

Body pains. They felt better after prayer.

Several people wanted prayer for their loved ones.

Many wanted prayer cloths to take to or mail to other people that were
not able to attend the event.

People came with many other prayer request for all areas of their lives,
and received peace and comfort.

The intercessors prayed for a young lady. Her burdens lifted and she
received the Holy Spirit.

The most important part of the Worldwide Day of Healing is that people not only receive their healing, but that they also receive Jesus Christ as their Savior. Think about it. If Jesus healed you, wouldn’t you want to receive Him as your Lord and Savior?

This years Worldwide Day of Healing was a great success. Many people received their healing and many more gave their hearts to the Lord or rededicated their lives to Him. What an exciting time it was to have been a part of this awesome event.

You won't want to miss the next Worldwide Day of Healing next year.


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