" World Wide Day of Healing 2007 "

Dear Friends and Family,

The World Wide Day of Healing came upon us so quickly this year. We started preparing three weeks ahead of the scheduled day. There was a lot of work ahead of us, getting everything ready.

First of all we checked to see if Lake Michigan Christian Center would be willing to host the event. Pastor Larry Olson agreed, and was excited to have the event at his church. LMCC also hosted the National Day of Healing last year.

Next we had to contact people to be greeters, ushers, usherettes, welcome center, soundman, prayer intercessors, prayer teams, pastor, and custodian. It took the combined effort of everyone that made this day a success. Once this was completed, the next step was the advertisement.

We printed flyers to be passed out in the church and for people to hand out to friends. There were posters that had to be made up and circulated through out the community in public places and business's. There were announcement letters to be printed, folded, stuffed in envelopes, stamped, and mailed. We also published it on our web site.

We bought some material that we cut up into small squares to be used as prayer cloths, which would be sent to people who couldn't be present that day. About a half an hour before starting time, everyone prayed over the prayer cloths, and prayed throughout the sanctuary for the anointing of the Holy Spirit to be present for healings and miracles as the people would come for prayer. I remember last year that Pastor Larry Olson stood in for his daughter's grandfather-in-law, and he sent him a prayer cloth. He had terminal cancer and was only expected to live a couple months. After receiving the prayer cloth he was totally healed.

The World Wide Day of Healing was on a Saturday from 11:00 am. to 2:00 pm. This was open to the public and other churches, as well as LMCC members.

When you walked thru the church doors, you were greeted with a friendly smile, a handshake or hug. You were then taken to the welcome center for registration. Then escorted by one of the usherettes to the front of the church to one of the healing teams for prayer. While all this was happening, there were other people interceding in prayer for your healing, as anointed worship music softly playing in the background.

You could feel the sweet presence of the Lord all around as you were being prayed for. The presence of the Lord was so comforting, that after being prayed for, many people would sit in the sanctuary, not wanting to leave.

We would like to share with you some of the many healings and miracles that took place that day.

(1) There were numerous people who came on behalf of loved ones and stood in for them. After praying for them they were given a prayer cloth to take back to their loved ones or to mail it to them.

(2) People came with emotional problems and hurts, and received a release and peace.

(3) Many came with back pain, and left pain free.

(4) Some came in need for their finances, and the Lord's help in finding employment.

(5) After receiving prayer, a gentleman said he could feel his bones moving as God healed him.

(6) There was a lady that was having problems moving her neck and shoulder. After prayer she could move them freely, and with out any pain.

(7) One was suffering with knee pain. God touched him and the pain left.

(8) Another came with periodontal disease. After prayer they said, they felt a tingling in their month, and the pain left them.

(9) A man came that had diabetes, and it was affecting his eyesight and feet. God touched his eyes and feet to where he could feel a difference.

(10) Another gentleman had poor hearing, diabetes, and needed new cartridge in both of his hips. After prayer he had complete mobility in both hips, and his hearing greatly improved.

(11) A lady suffering from her shoulder and rib being out of alignment. She received total alignment, and all her pain left her.

(12) A gentleman was suffering from arthritis and bone spurs in his neck. After prayer all pain from the authorities and bone spurs left him. He was able to move his neck freely.

(13) Another said that after knee surgery his leg wouldn't move back and forth freely. After receiving prayer he said his leg felt good.

(14) Another man needed a liver transplant. After prayer he accepted Jesus as his Savior. His wife also accepted Jesus as her Savior.

(15) A lady had a brain tumor, a heart condition, and lung trouble. After receiving prayer she said the pain in her head left, and she could breathe better. She then accepted Jesus as her Savior.

Jesus isn't restricted to healing only on the World Wide Day of Healing. He is the same every day of the year, and wants to do the same for you as He did for the many people I just described above. Jesus wants to see you healed and set free. He made a way for your healing, but most of all He made a way for you to have eternal life. All you need is faith to believe in Him, and to ask Him to forgive you of your sins, and accept Him as your Savior.

Wont you take a minute and ask Jesus into your heart? One minute of your time in exchange for a lifetime with Him.


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