" National Day of Healing "

Dear Friends and Family,

We would like to report that the National Day of Healing was a Great success, as people from all denominations came to receive their healing. God orchestrated the entire event, from the greeters, the hostess, the ushers, the usherettes, the sound man, the intercessors, the pastors, and the healing team members.

People had been praying and fasting during the week prior to the event. The day of the event everyone came early to pray. We all anointed and prayed over several pieces of cloth that were given out for people to take to their friends and loved ones. The intercessors were praying and interceded throughout the entire event for the healing and salvation of those being prayed for.

As the people came for prayer, they registered, and filled out a form telling what they needed prayer for. The usherettes would then escort them to the front of the church to one of the prayer teams.

The atmosphere was charged with a Holy Reverence. As the songs of the Lord were being played in the background, you could feel God’s very presence. People came and were prayed for, and many of them couldn’t leave the church after being prayed for. They just sat in the pews, and soaked in the presence of the almighty God, they didn’t want to leave. What an awesome time it was.

It was truly amazing to see God touch and heal so many people. Several of the people being prayed for almost couldn’t believe that all their afflictions and pain was gone. But one thing they could be sure of was that they had been touched by the almighty God.

I would like to share with you just a few of the many healings and miracles God did that day. First of all, there were several people who rededicated their lives back to the Lord, and one asked Jesus into their heart for the first time.

a. Healed of arthritis in her right ankle.

b. Hearing greatly improved after prayer.

c. Healed of a pinched nerve that caused lower back and leg pain.

d. Healed from a pain in the side and back.

e. Emotional healings.

f. Healed of fibermyalgia, all the pain in her body was gone after prayer.

g. Healed of weakness of the lungs. Breathing greatly improved instantly.

h. Several said they felt much better after being prayed for.

i. Many were given prayer cloths to take to friends and relatives.

Do you ever find yourself wondering about prayer cloths? Can you really pray over a piece of cloth and expect the same results as praying for someone in person? Do people actually get healed just by placing the cloth over the area of their affliction?

Another area of wonder for many people is how it is possible to stand in for someone else. How can you get prayed for on behalf of someone else and expect the other person to be healed?

I believe what happened at the National Day of Healing will answer these questions. Let me tell you what took place and then you can be the judge.

Our Senior Pastor asked to stand in for prayer for his daughter’s grandfather in-law. Pastor told us that the grandfather hadn’t been feeling good. When the grandfather went to his doctor, they found that he had swelling of the prostrate, a tumor on his back, and tumors on his lungs, which were all cancerous, and they also found he had bone cancer. The doctor gave him only two months to live, and put him on chemo therapy treatment.

Several people from the healing teams anointed a piece of cloth, and prayed over it. We all began praying over Pastor, along with many others that were present, as he stood in for the one with cancer. God’s presence was very powerful, and you could feel His anointing power as we prayed. Pastor sent the cloth to the one that had the cancer along with instructions, according to the bible verse in Act 19, and to lay the cloth on his body.

After one round of chemo, he went back to the doctor for blood test and x-rays. Much to their amazement and surprise they found the tumor on his back was gone. The tumors on his lungs were gone and his bone cancer was also gone. The doctor couldn’t understand it. They continued giving him another round of chemo. After more blood tests and x-rays he was still clear of all cancer.

Don’t limit God, or think you can’t be healed. There isn’t anything that our God can’t do. Because in God’s word it says in Mt. 19:26; But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible. And in Acts 10:34; Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons. You ask what does respecter of people mean? It simply means what God has done for others He will also do for you.

I would like to encourage you to share last Decembers news letter with a friend or loved one who doesn’t know the Lord. It will tell them how they can know Him as their Lord and Savior. Then invite them to come and visit your church. It’s just that easy. You could also make copies of the news letter and send it to several people, along with a personal invitation from you to join you at your church. 

There is no greater joy and excitement that you can experience, than leading someone to the Lord.


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