"God The Healer"

Dear Friends and Family,

God is still in the miracle working business. We can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit getting stronger and stronger in every service. It’s just Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! As to what God is doing in these last days. He is truly pouring out His Spirit. Revival is just around the corner and could break out at any time.

We just finished a Healing and Miracle service Sunday evening August 19th at the Blue Roof Church.  God was truly awesome there. The moment we walked into the sanctuary, we could feel the mighty presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

God healed many people with back disorders, and many more with knee problems.

A lady had pain going down her leg due to a pinched sciatic nerve. God un-pinched the nerve and all her pain left.

A man had a problem with a disc in his neck. It would bulge out at times and would cause him severe headaches. We seen him a week or so later and he said he hasn’t had any neck issues since he was prayed for.

A lady with carpal tunnel in both of her wrists was healed. After we prayed for her I had her squeeze my hands and pull my hands back as hard as she could. She pulled so hard that I almost fell over. That is a true test that her carpal tunnel was gone.

A lady with a bad rotator cuff instantly healed. She could swing her arm around and around without any pain.

A lady with emotional problems and a broken heart was instantly healed.

A lady who had a short leg was healed. As we prayed, her leg shot out to the proper size.

A young boy had a twisted foot. As we prayed for his foot it began straightening up. As he was walking back to his seat, I asked his mother, how does it look? She said it was straight but his other foot was a little crooked. I told her to put her hand on his foot, and as I prayed the mother began crying and said his foot went straight.

A man’s arm and hand was curled up tight due to having a stroke. As we prayed his arm straightened out and his hand opened up.  

A lady told us that her doctor told her she had breast cancer. Lena laid her hand on her chest and commanded the cancer to leave. I asked the lady if she had any lumps and she said she did. I told her to see if she could feel it. She said it felt a little smaller. We prayed again and then asked her to check it. As she did she began crying and said it was GONE.

God did so many miracles that night, that it is difficult to remember them all. The healing anointing of the Holy Spirit is becoming stronger and stronger in every service. We just can’t wait to see what God is going to do in our next Healing and Miracle Services.

The other day we were at a restaurant and met someone that I had worked with many years ago. Her husband had become the pastor of the Tabernacle C.O.G.I.C. Church and she invited us to come and visit the church. Seeing we had that Sunday open, we said we would come. When we walked into the church, we met the pastor, and he said that his wife had told him about us. After praise and worship the pastor came to me and said he would like for us to have the service.

After a short message we began praying for everyone that needed to be healed. Several people with bad knees received their healing. One of them had no padding in the knee and it was bone on bone and another had arthritis in the knee, the pain left after laying hands on the knees and prayer. Others were also healed of knee problems.

A man was having back pain and had two bad discs. God touched him and all the pain left.

Another man was having back pain, I had him sit down and I held out his legs, one foot was turned outward to the side. As I prayed for the foot to straighten, the foot instantly jumped into place and his back pain was gone.

A lady that was having problems seeing, after prayer she said she could see a little better. At the end of the service she came to us and said that she could now see better without her glasses than she could with them.

A lady wasn’t able to stand without having back pain. After prayer she stood for over an hour without any back pain while watching other people being healed.

After praying for a lady whose side and leg was always cold due to having a stroke, said that it was a little better. At the end of service she told us it was warm. Sometimes it takes awhile for your healing to be complete.

A lady was having back pain and was on dialysis. I put my hands on her back and commanded her kidneys to be healed. All her back pain left.

A lady came to us who used a cane and could hardly move and needed assistance to walk just a few feet. After we prayed, I took her by both hands and began walking with her down the isle and with every step she began to get more stable as we turned around and went back I let go of one of her hands. By the time we reached the alter area I had let go of both her hands and the power of the Holy Spirit hit her and she began dancing and praising God for about ten minutes. Then she reached out and gave both Lena and I a hug. Then she walked across the isle and put her arms around her husband. They both were so full of joy and I just can’t imagine how grateful they must have been that God had healed her.

A lady had been diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago and the doctors wanted her to have them removed. She took chemo instead, but the tumors only shrank a little. They still wanted to remove her breast, but she didn’t feel right having it done. She said that she was trusting in God to heal her. I asked her if she could feel the tumors and she said yes she could. The power of God was so strong that I didn’t even touch her. I asked her to check herself. As she felt her breast she wasn’t able to feel the tumors, they were ALL GONE. This is the 2nd time in less than two months that God had healed breast cancer.

Jesus is the Healer. He also wants you to accept Him as your Savior. It’s not hard to do. Just ask Him to forgive you of your sins and come into your heart. It’s just that easy. Go ahead and ask Him today.



Richard and Lena McNees    


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