"Covid-29 (2)"

Dear Friends and Family,

It has been seven months now. On Friday the Thirteenth of March 2020 the country went into a lock-down, mandating the country to shut down all non-essential activities including Churches. Due to that mandate the church has suffered one of the biggest blows in history. Many churches couldn’t survive without the weekly financial support from their members. You were able to get food at the grocery store so you wouldn’t starve physically, but many are starving because of being denied spiritual food that you get from the church. Several churches in our area have been using ‘face book live’ to broadcast their messages, but not everyone has ‘face book’ or internet access. Without the church many have fallen away from the church and worst of all they have fallen away from God.

The Bible talks about there will be a great fallen away in the last days. 1Timothy 4:1 Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. Without the church people will not hear the truth and will be deceived and many will fall back into their old sinful nature. Just look at where the church is today. They have become more and more like the world, that you can’t tell many of them from the world. Many of the songs that are sung in the churches don’t even mention anything about Jesus. And when was the last time that anything was preached about the return of Jesus. How often is there an alter call anymore for people to turn their lives over to God? Not all churches are like this, but many are. It is time for the church to repent and get back to the love of Christ. The truth is, Jesus is returning sooner than most think. We have to get ready or we will be left behind.

Some of the churches are starting to re-open. They are practicing social distancing, wearing face masks, and using hand sanitizers. But yet the churches are only about 1/3 the size they were before Covid-19. 

People are going to the grocery store and to restaurants, but they won’t go to church. Something is wrong with this picture. They have lost their first love. I’m not talking about people that are elderly and or those with underlining health conditions.

It’s sad, but the news media has been sowing so much fear, and only reporting on the negative and tearing the county apart instead of reporting on the positive and encouraging people with all the breakthroughs in therapeutics and that you have a 99.4 % chance of surviving covid-19 if you get it. Now that’s great news, but the news media makes you believe that you are going to die if you get covid-19. 

During the past seven months we’ve had to put the ministry on hold due to the churches being closed. We had to find different ways to minister outside of the church.

We have been praying for people over the phone, sending out prayer cloths, praying for people at our home and at other people’s homes, in grocery stores, and praying for people in restaurants. We have also been able to pray for people in a few of the churches that have re-opened. It seems like God puts people in our pathway (divine appointments) almost everywhere we go.
The following are some of the healings and miracles God has been doing since Covid-19.
---  We were asked to come to a friends home to pray for a man with fourth stage cancer, God touched and healed him.
---  We were asked to go to our neighbor’s friends home to pray for them. The man had pain from a rod in his leg because of  a hip replacement and he limped. God took all the pain away and he stopped limping. His wife was facing knee replacement. All her pain left and she e-mailed us a week latter and said, (I’m Healed, I’m Healed”).
---  At our home a couple came over for prayer. The man had continual knee pain and had a short leg that caused him to limp. God healed his knee and grew out his leg.
---  Prayed for a lady at a restaurant with a broken foot. She was walking the next week.
---  Man at a restaurant with heart pain. His pain left.
---  At a home a man had a pulled shoulder tendon. God touched him and healed him.
---  At a home a lady had curvature of the spin and had pain in her back due to a short leg. Her leg grew out and her back pain left.

We had our first Healing and Miracle Service since covid-19 at New Freedom Church. We wore face masks and had everyone put on face masks as well as using hand sanitizer with each one that came for prayer. The following are some of the things God healed.
---  Difficulty going up stairs due to knee stiffness and pain. God took the stiffness and pain away.
---  Pain all over her body do to fibromyalgia. All pain left her body.
---  Curvature of the spine causing back pain. All the pain left.
---  Emotional problems.
---  Heart problems.
---  Bleeding issues.

We visited a church and the pastor greeted us and mentioned we wouldn’t be able to lay hands on for healing due to covid-19 restrictions. That was ok with us, we understood. After the pastor was finished and the offering was taken, they began playing some music. During that time the Lord gave me a message. “Healing and Miracles in the midst of covid-19”, so I wrote it down thinking it was for a news letter or a future message. Then the Lord told me to show it to the pastor, so I did and than went back to my seat. As soon as I sat down, I started getting excited and knew something was about to happen. The pastor than stood up and told the congregation that I had a word from the Lord. I told them what the Lord had told me and that if anyone was in need of anything to come forward and that I would stay six foot away from them and just like with Peter, people were healed by his shadow as he passed them by. As I passed by the people the Lord gave me a prophetic word for each one of them, and I prayed healing for everyone. Than led them through a prayer of forgiveness and repentance. An older man that had terminal cancer accepted Jesus as his savor. About three days later a friend of ours told us that he had passed away. He came that close to missing going to heaven.

He almost missed going to heaven. Just like that man, you don’t know when you might pass away. Don’t let this moment pass you by. You can ask Jesus to come into your life and forgive you of all your sins, and have eternal life in heaven.


Richard and Lena McNees    


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