"Be Prepared"

Dear Friends and Family,

A friend of ours told us we had to meet a pastor friend of his who was the owner of a restaurant. Several weeks had passed, and as we were driving by his restaurant we decided to turn around and go back to meet the pastor.

When we arrived, we asked if the pastor was there, they said they would get him. We introduced ourselves to him and told him that his friend told us we had to meet him. We began telling him about Healing Hands Ministry and some of the healings and miracles God was doing through our ministry. He told us that we didn’t meet by accident, but that our meeting was a divine appointment. We continued sharing with him about how God called and prepared us for the ministry.

As we were about to leave, he said he would like us to minister at his church sometime. We told him that we would. Then as we said goodbye and shook his hand, he said, I’ll have you minister tomorrow. Now that took us by surprise, for him to want us to minister the next day. Fortunately, we didn’t have anything scheduled for that Sunday.

One of his employees was standing next to us and the pastor invited her to come to his church for the Sunday service. She didn’t give him an answer, so the Lord prompted me to tell her that God had something special for her, but I didn’t know what it was, but if she came, she wouldn’t be disappointed.

When we arrived at the church, Sunday school was just letting out. When the pastor greeted us, he said he could feel the Holy Spirit enter the church when we walked in. This wasn’t the first time that a pastor had said this to us. It has happened quit often. When God sends you, the Holy Spirit will show up.

When it came time for me to minister, I stood behind the pulpit and noticed the pastor’s employee sitting in the audience. Before I could deliver the message, the Lord started revealing things to me about her life. As I began telling her what the Lord had revealed to me, she began weeping. I told her Jesus didn’t care about her past, and He was only concerned about now and her future. I told her how much God loved and cared for her and wanted to be part of her life. I then asked her if she would like to receive Jesus into her heart. She said she would and came forward and accepted Jesus as her Savior. Then the Lord prompted me to ask if there was anyone else that would like to do the same thing that this woman did, and another woman started weeping and came forward and gave her heart to the Lord. All of this happened before the message was given. Normally I present the message and then give an alter call for salvation, but God had a different plan.

These two ladies were the only ones to respond for salvation that day. They were the only two visitors that anyone had invited to the Sunday service. Could you imagine what could have happened if everyone would have invited someone to that Sunday service. 

After I had given the message and given an alter call, Lena gave her testimony on how God miraculously brought her through cancer surgery. I also gave a few testimonies of God’s healing power. We then asked people who were in need of healing to come forward. Lena prayed for the women and I prayed for the men.

Several people received their healing. One gentleman had been suffering from a pinched sciatic nerve that caused pain to go from his back and down his leg. I had him sit down and I held up his legs and one appeared shorter than the other leg. As I commanded the back to go into place and the sciatic nerve to be un-pinched, his leg began to move out to the same length as the other one. When he stood up and began to walk and move his back, all the pain left.

A few weeks later Lena and I stopped by the restaurant to say hi to the pastor. While we were there, two ladies came in that had just come from the hospital. One of them had a heart attack and had to have a stent put in. She said that the doctor told her that she came to the hospital just in time and that she was given a second chance in life. Lena looked at her and asked if she would like prayer. She said she would. After Lena prayed for her, the Lord prompted me to tell her that God was a God of second chances and that He wanted to be part of her life and He loved her so much. I told her that God didn’t care about the things that she did wrong in the past, that He only cares about now and her future. I then asked her if she would like to receive Jesus into her heart and accept Him as her Savior. She said she wanted to do that. I then led her through a prayer of accepting Jesus as her Savior.

We must be ready at all times to take advantage of every opportunity that God provides for us to minister the saving grace of Jesus. We must keep our spiritual eyes and ears open at all times. Don’t be concerned with what people may think of you for stepping out. Just be concerned with what Jesus will think if you don’t.

You may find yourself asking, I wish I could have a second chance in life just as the woman above did?  The good news is that you can. God loves you so much that He gave his only Son to die for you, that if you will believe in Jesus, you will be saved and have everlasting life. Jesus will turn your life around, and give you piece and joy. So go ahead, ask Jesus to forgive you of all your sins and come into your heart, and He will.

I would like to leave you with a scripture that tells it all. It is found in Mark 16:15 where Jesus said; "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” “All the World” means your surroundings. “Preach” means to tell. “The Gospel” means the saving knowledge of Jesus. “Every creature” means every one you come in contact with. And the word “Go” is a command for us to DO IT.


We Love You All,                                                                                 


Dick and Lena McNees                                                   


Healing Hands Ministry      P.O. Box 254       Stevensville, MI  49127-0254