" Never Give Up "

Dear Friends and Family,

We recently received a letter from a couple who live in Wisconsin. After replying to them it came to us that there might be others who have the same questions.

In their letter they wanted us to address some issues on healing. The following was our reply to their letter:

First of all, who is the author of confusion? If you say the devil, you’re right. The devil is a liar and causes us to have doubt and disbelief. He knows that if he can get you to believe his lies and if he can cause you to doubt, you will not receive your healing. He will send his demons to whisper discouraging thoughts in your ear to cause you to believe that God doesn’t heal, or at least that God won’t heal you. That is absolutely not true.

Many times we give up to soon. The victory only comes to those who don’t give up, to those who will take a stand against the enemy, even when things look hopeless.  Just remember that the victory is the Lord’s and that you will be victorious if you will stand firm and believe.

Jesus died on the cross for your salvation.  You accepted that when you were saved. You accepted Jesus as your savior by faith. Jesus also bore 39 stripes for your healing. You also have to accept that by faith. Faith is the things hoped for, the things not yet seen.

They asked, “Why do some people get healed so quickly?” The reason is that they believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that God is going to heal them. They believe it and they expect it to happen. God is no respecter of persons. What He has done for them He will do for you. Just have faith.

They asked, “Why do some people have to work so hard to be healed?” It’s just like salvation. You are saved by grace, through faith, not by works. The same is true with healing. You are healed by grace, through faith, not by works. No matter how hard you work at getting healed you still have to accept it by faith.

They asked “How long is too long when it comes to believing for a healing?” Let’s answer that question by asking you a question. How long is too long for believing for the salvation of a loved one? We’re quite sure you will say it is never too long.

God tells us to pray without ceasing. So we take that to say, never quit praying for your healing.

Don’t give up. Have faith and believe that your healing is only a prayer away.