" End of 2019 "

Dear Friends and Family,

2018 was an exciting year for us. We have seen God do miraculous healings and set people free. Many people have accepted Jesus and others have recommitted their lives to Him. When I look back over 2018 I can only say “God has truly been faithful”. Sometimes I wonder why we always tend to look at and talk about the negative things that happen to us. I’ve heard it said that it takes ten positive statements to cancel out one negative statement. That goes for not only what we say, but what we think as well. The difference between having a good day and having a bad day depends on our outlook on life. Take the example of the cars gas tank, when it is between empty and full. How do you look at it! Is it half full or is it half empty. If you think it is half full you won’t be worrying about running out of gas, but if you see it as half empty, you will worry about running out of gas. We can make the difference of being down and out or up and alive just by the way we look at life. So start out your day by thanking God that you have breath in your lungs to thank Him.

There is a song that says, “Count your Blessings name them One by One. Count your Blessings See what God has Done”. Truly we are a blessed people. We are children of the most high God who watches over us day and night. He provides all our needs. For there isn’t anything my God can’t do. I serve an almighty God, the God of the impossible. He makes the lame to walk and the blind to see. He takes a broken heart and turns it into a heart of joy. When we are down He picks us up. The more we Praise Him, the more He blesses us with His goodness and mercies. If only we His people would tell others of His goodness and love. It is the same today as it was over 2000 years ago when people told of Jesus love, and many came to accept Him as their Savior. The same would happen today if we would tell others of the goodness and love that Jesus has for us. Many people wonder through life searching here and there for love, joy, peace and happiness, but they end up looking in all the wrong places and come up empty. Many of us know some of those people. We need to reach out to them in loving kindness and share the love of Jesus with them.

We thank God that He has used us in our ministry to touch so many hurting and broken hearted. To be able to pray for them and see them be comforted by the peaceful presence of Jesus as it enters into their hearts. When it seem like there isn’t any where to go, Jesus is there waiting with His hands outstretched waiting to heal their broken heart.

There are many ministries and gifts placed within the church and they were placed there for our benefit. These are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, miracles, gifts of healing,
helps, administrations, and varieties of tongues. They are for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. The problems come when after we are equipped, we don’t do anything with the equipping we got for the work of the ministry. Today is the day of finding our place in ministry, and activating the gift that God has placed within us.
This past year of 2018 we have been able to minister at 8 home groups, and in 24 churches, some of them more than once, and have held 16 Healing and Miracle Church Services.

God has truly been faithful. We are seeing God do the miraculous in all of our services. I would like to share a few of the miracles since our last news letter up until 2019.

* Healing and Miracle Service at DayStar Ministries Assembly of God in Grand Rapids Michigan, Pastor James Reamsma.

A lady came forward pushing a walker with her husband helping her. She had been in an auto accident and had broken twenty-seven bones. God touched her and all her pain stopped and she walked back to her seat on her own with her husband pushing the walker behind her.

A man had injured his leg and his foot would give out and turn side to side when he walked. God touched his leg and he began running without any problems.

Lady couldn’t raise her arm due to a bad rotator cuff. She gained full range of motion in her arm without any pain.

A man with bad hearing, his ears popped open and he could hear normally.

Many people healed of bad knees and backs.


* Healing and Miracle Service at the Love and Joy District C.O.G.I.C. in Chicago Illinois, Pastor Superintendent Lloyd Brown.

A pastor had a short leg which caused him to have back pain. His leg grew out and his back pain left.

A lady wanted prayer so that she would loose weight. After she received prayer she went back to her seat. After about two minuets she yelled out “I feel full”.

A lady with blisters all over her body was prayed for. After about three days she wrote us and said that her blisters were going away.

Many people healed of bad knees and backs.


* Healing and Miracle Service at Noah’s Ark Community Church in Wauseon Ohio, Pastor Martin Lowe.

A man had a disc removed from his back nine years ago and has been in pain ever sense. After he was prayed for, he said he felt something being pushed back into his spine and all the pain left. He was also suffering from TMJ and got healed.

A couple of ladies had pinched sciatic nerves. Both ladies were healed.

Many with knee and back issues were healed.


* Healing and Miracle Service at Refreshing Fountains C.O.G.I.C. in Benton Harbor Michigan, Pastor Superintendent Melvin Burton.

The pastor had difficulty standing up from a sitting position due to a knee issue. After prayer he began sitting down and standing up about 10 times without any difficulty or pain.
A lady couldn’t walk bare footed without having pain in her feet. God touched her feet and she took off her shoes and began running and jumping without any pain.

A lady had pain all over her body to the point you couldn’t even touch her without her feeling pain. She said to me, “don’t touch me”. As soon as I put my hand on her, God healed her and all her pain went away.

A lady with diabetes said that it had affected her eyes and she was loosing her sight. Lena prayed for her pancreas to be healed, and then I prayed for the blood vessels in her eyes to be restored back to normal and her sight return. I told her to see if she could read a sign at the far side of the church. She was able to read it without any problem.

A lady couldn’t lift her head back and look all the way up. God touched the back of her neck and she was then able to look up to the sky.

A lady had a cataract on her eyes. I prayed for her once and then she said, “could you pray a little more for my eye”. The cataract was gone and she also could read the sign at the far side of the church.

A man had back pain due to pulling a mussel while lifting weights. God took all his back pain away.

Other men were healed of back pain.

A lady with arthritis in both knees was able to bend her knees without any pain after prayer.

A lady had two bad discs in her back, after prayer she was able to bend and twist without any pain.

A lady had a pain pump placed in her back due to severe back pain. She said she was still in pain with the pump. After prayer she said all her pain was gone and that she was going to have the pain pump removed, because she didn’t need it any longer.


We hope these testimonies were uplifting and encouraging for you to see the awesome works of God.

If you find yourself in a difficult situation and have nowhere to turn, you can turn to Jesus for He is the answer. He loves and cares for you. Won’t you turn your life completely over to Him and make Him your Lord and Savior. This could be a new beginning in your life.


Richard and Lena McNees    


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