" Year Of New Beginnings "

Dear Friends and Family,

The year 2004 has arrived and with it a chance to start over again. Last year is passed and we are looking forward to the New Year and all the opportunities it has to offer.Have you every said to yourself “if I were able to do it all over again, I would do it differently”? Well, you can do just that. Stop and think back over the past year and write down all the things you could have done differently. Then write down what you should have done. After you have done that, stop and ask the Lord to forgive you for doing things the wrong way, and ask Him for wisdom to do things right this year. Ask Him to be a part of all your decision-making. You see, it is just like when you asked Jesus to forgive you of all your sins and come into your heart. At that point Jesus forgave you for doing things wrong in the past, and gave you a new start in life, and you began your life anew. You had to let go of your past, and look forward to a new future. You can apply that same principle to your life today, and start all over again this year. I feel in my spirit! This year is the year of the harvest. Those loved ones you have been praying for are coming into the Kingdom. If you don’t give up, and stand fast to the word of the Lord. He will cause it to come to pass.

This year is the year of prayer. Mighty wars are won in the prayer rooms as we get serious with Him and fall down on our knees and cry out before Him, He will move with mighty power in our midst through signs, wonders and miracles.

This year is the year of prosperity. Look forward to coming out of debt. As you are faithful to God in your giving, He will be faithful to you in the area of your finances.

This year is the year of restoration. God is going to restore marriages, and broken family relationships.

This year is the year of stepping out. As you step out and do the work that God has called you to do, He will bless you more abundantly than you ever thought possible. You will soar to new heights in ministry. The power of God will be so strong upon you that you will barely be able to stand under the power of the Lord, and you will only be able to speak the words of the Lord, and not your own.

This year is the year of the benchmark. All the following years to come will be compared to this year. What you do this year will set the groundwork for the years to come.

As for Lena and myself, we are looking forward to ministry in 2004 and we strongly believe that God is going to pour out His Holy Spirit in all the different denominations, and to all that will earnestly seek Him. We believe denominational walls are coming down as we step out and do what God has called us to do.